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Marge Lewin
On Mar 05, 2012
I have worked with Jane in a group setting and one-on-one personal training. She is a wonderful instructor in both venues. Jane is enthusiastic about exercise and is continually attending new workshops to better understand the workings of the muscles and to make sure all her exercises are safe, as well as effective. When we work one-on-one, she modifies exercises to fit my personal needs. Jane knows "millions" of ways to work the same muscles; therefore, my limitations become a non-issue.
Every week, we work every set of muscles, which allows for overall toning and strength. I also love the fact that we work in my home. A lack of heavy equipment does not stop Jane from providing an excellent workout; in fact, I think it encourages her to think of interesting new exercises that one could do at any time. I think anyone would benefit from working with Jane. She is reliable, responsible and a great instructor. Do something nice AND healthy for yourself; work with Jane.
Jane's Response on Mar 05, 2012:
Thanks, Marge! You're a pleasure to work with!
Kathie MacLeod
On Feb 29, 2012
Jane's group classes are so well attended for good reason. Her classes are challenging and fun, and offer options for all levels of experience as well as for a wide range of ages. She is great in teaching how and why we do specific exercises and it is great to know that she keeps in mind the impact they may have on your back, neck, knees, wrists, etc. Also, she changes things up often enough so you are never bored with the routines. Even in a group setting, she manages to keep an eye on what everyone is doing and provides guidance when needed. Personally, since attending her classes, I am more in tune with my body and I've noticed that I have less pain in my feet and ankles, and I have a wider range of motion. This is a direct result of the Pilates and Step/sculpt classes I have taken with Jane. She is truly an awesome teacher!
Jane's Response on Feb 29, 2012:
I appreciate your kind comments, Kathie, as well as your 100% effort in class! Thanks!
Laura Horlitz
On Feb 28, 2012
Jane is a fantastic instructor. Whether in a classroom setting or one on one, she inspires and motivates. When working with her one by one, she takes the time to understand your needs and goals. She encourages your progress. In her classes, she is creative and changes the routinues so that her students get a great work out whether they are beginners or advanced. I highly recommend Jane Golder!
Jane's Response on Feb 28, 2012:
Thanks, Laura! It helps to have dedicated students! See you in class.

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