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Maryann H
On May 19, 2011
In May of 2003 I met with Chris at his Fitness Advantage studio in Burlington, CT and knew right away that I wanted to work with him. Chris has that rare combination of talent, skill, knowledge, and experience matched with an aura of confidence and a style that makes you at ease while creating the perfect atmosphere for working to enhance your fitness level and health.
The result was a significant increase in energy, flexibility, strength, and decrease in weight. Being physically stronger and having greater endurance has tremendous benefits for your body and spirit.
While I was working with Chris I became very interested in the fitness business overall and started reading fitness magazines and subscribing to IDEA Health & Fitness Association newsletter so I would better understand what Chris was teaching me. I was very interested in the physiology aspect of training. I also visited other fitness centers and training studios in nearby towns and met with some owners & trainers. Even though at the time I thought Chris was exceptional at what he did, I never expected that Chris would so clearly stand apart. We are lucky to have him and Fitness Advantage right here in Burlington, CT (and a second studio in Canton, CT). It is now May of 2011 and I continue to train with Chris at Fitness Advantage. Maryann
Anne DiSorbo
On May 10, 2011
I have been consistently going to Fitness Advantage for 11 years. I have always been excited about fitness and have run or participated in step aerobics. However, it is because of Fitness Advantage that I have been able to be so consistent with my workouts and training. The great thing about this studio is that you can get personal training in a group setting. This is unlike any other gym! Because of Fitness Advantage, I have been able to stay fit and trim--not an easy task as we get older! Don't join a typical gym! You know you won't go! Check out the Fitness Advantage Studio. It's small and personal and you will get one-on-one attention which will keep you motivated and help you change your lifestyle to a healthy one. Chris and his staff are wonderful. You will not be disappointed!
Marion Royer
On Apr 23, 2011
When I started working out with Chris, it was just supposed to be for a little while. Going to
Fitness Advantage is now part of my life and I would not have it any other way.
I have been with Chris for over a year now seeing him twice a week and I consider him my friend and Sargent of arms. Chris keeps me on track with my health and work outs. He challenges me to limits I thought I could never achieve and the work outs are never the same so I am never bored. I recommend him to anyone interested.
I have a couple of friends that started working out with including my daughter that loves working with him.
I have worked out with other personal trainers but none have compared to who Chris is and what he does. You need to try it for yourself.
Bill Braun
On Apr 19, 2011
I have been going to Fitness Advantage and working with Chris for about ten years. The program Chris created, and continues to update depending on my individual needs, has enabled me, physically and mentally to deal with several life challenges. Not only was I physically better prepared for several surgeries, but my recovery was quicker and at less risk. Now with the challenge of Parkinson’s, Chris has enhanced my program to address specific issues, such a balance and core strength. His attention to detail, listening to each person’s needs, and researching what is appropriate and validated, and then incorporating the best approach for each individual is what differentiates him and his studio. If you are looking for a true partnership on your fitness, Chris is your best choice.
Dwight Lewis
On Apr 04, 2011
I have been working out with Chris for 20 plus years. His attention to detail and the creativeity that he puts into all his class have alway made for an enjoyable and rewarding class. His staff is alway plesant and willing to work with you so you can get the full benifit of all they have to offer. Thank you Fittness Advantage
Carll Pallokat
On Mar 19, 2011
Coming to class 8 times a month is not a chore, rather it is something I look forward to. I am going on to my sixth year and enjoy going to class even though 7 am seems a challenge some times. At age 68 it has made me feel like 48 and as long as I can I will be coming to class. It is not boring as they change the weight training every time. Of course it still works the muscles only in different ways. If I went to one of the gyms I just had to pay to use I would not get the individualized group training I get at Fitness Advantage. My physician has seen the need to do this and has given me a prescription to continue. What more can you ask for. My trainers Michelle and Brenda are a joy to work with and should I have an ache or pain ( The aches and pains come from something I did at home) that day they very willingly alter the workout training so it does not bother me but accomplishes the same goal.
Jerry Burns
On Mar 15, 2011
I have been going to Fitness Advantage for many years and I have to say that Chris not only knows his stuff, but he knows his clients as well!
He got to know my goals as a basketball/softball player and set workouts accordingly...always adjusting for the inevitable nagging injuries so I could keep getting stronger and in better shape.
While I was getting better at lifting and cardio, I was not doing well with my eating habits and Chris was subtly letting me know how much better I would be if I committed to that aspect of my life as well. I finally figure it out, dropped weight and Chris really got me in the best shape of my life...I am still playing competitive basketball at age 45 against 20 and 30 year olds...quite respectably I might add!!
If you want someone who will work with your schedule, your lifestyle and your goals Chris and Fitness Advantage is the place to be. Oh yeah! The pricing is really competitive and worth every penny when you see the results...I couldn't recommend anyone more highly.
Janet Schwartz
On Mar 14, 2011
Working at Chris's studio has kept me fit, happy, and healthy. My husband and I have been with him for 11 years. Through the years of Circuit Training and cardio work, I have grown fit, have energy, and increased stamina. When I have had a problem of an injury (usually not related to exercise), Chris has been there to change my routine so that I can still be fit, yet not cause more harm. His concern for his clients, and his extensive knowledge of the body, exercises, and stretches keeps me going back!

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