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Anne Powers
On Nov 06, 2014
Hi, I went to see Shawn this summer to help get me in shape to lift patients. I am a paramedic and it is essential that I be able to lift. I had an abdominal wall reconstruction last December. When I started with Shawn I had no strength and my back hurt anytime I lifted anything. Let me tell you Shawn is a personal training wizard! He is patient, kind understanding, tough, and NEVER lets you give up. I would wine that it hurts or I can't do any more and all he would say is "pucker up Buttercup". Today I can lift patients no problem. Through locking my core I had the unexpected benefit of my back not hurting on long motorcycle rides. Thank you so much for all the help you gave me!
If you want a dynamic trainer who will customize a program to your needs Shawn Fears is the one for you.

Anne Powers
Shawn's Response on Nov 06, 2014:
LOL it was "suck it up buttercup!", but close enough! Thank you for the review, it was definitely a unique experience customizing a program for you.
Briana Walters
On Apr 23, 2014
I started training with Shawn at the end of January 2014. My goal was to do a short-term intensive and focused program to increase my power lifting numbers – I wanted to lift heavier. In January, right before I started the program, I lifted as follows: Squat 205 lbs, Deadlift 205 lbs and Bench Press 115 lbs.
After 10 weeks, my squat is 215 lb PR, deadlift 255 lbs PR, and bench press 150 lbs PR! Also, my 5RM good mornings are 190 lbs and my 1RM front squat is 185 lbs (a 25 lb PR!) Finally, I trap-bar deadlifted 245 lbs for 3 sets of 8.
Not only did he help me improve my physical capacity, he also helped me break through mental barriers. I typically would stop or slow down when things got tough because in my head I thought that if it was “hard”, I couldn’t do it and it was time to stop. I learned from Shawn that it’s okay that it’s difficult and it’s SUPPOSED to be, otherwise you won’t improve. My favorite quote from him is, “We’re not trying to lift bags of cotton candy in here! We’re here to lift heavy weights!”
Thank you!
-Briana Walters
April Spilde
On Sep 21, 2012
As a certified personal trainer I thought I had all the information I needed to be a well-rounded athlete. Before I started working with Shawn, I hadn't realized how truly limited I was. I was following the same routines time after time. I would do the same muscle splits at the gym, never really pushing beyond the weight I had been pressing for a year. I was also training for my first marathon and had serious pain in my left knee. I wasn't tuned in to my body at all and didn't practice mobility techniques and stretching. Needless to say, I was pretty clueless. It took a month with Shawn to help me get past my mobility issues with lots of stretching and foam rolling. My knee pain went away in a matter of weeks and I was so excited when I could finally complete a full squat. We also focused on strengthening my weaknesses. Every session was meticulously planned to push me to my limits and far beyond. There were times when I would get so frustrated and shout "I can't do it," but Shawn would push me that much harder. Soon I learned to never use those words again! My confidence, as well as my lifts began to skyrocket. I went from Sumo Deadlifting 185lbs. to 275lbs. in one month. It was unbelievable progress. Today I am so proud of the work we have accomplished over the last four months and I am more than ecstatic to see where we will be in the next four months!

April Spilde
United States Air Force
ISSA Master Trainer
Michael Consalo
On Jun 23, 2011
Shawn is program mastermind with years of intense study under his belt. With his passion for getting you results, the only thing you need to worry about is how far you wanna go. He knows everything from detailed cardio programming, to powerlifting for the advanced lifter. Shawn has multiple certifications including MMA, High school strength and conditioning, ISSA, NASM, and the list goes on and on. What does that mean for you? Injury free results as fast as you can let go and get some work done son!
James Taylor
On Jun 22, 2011
I been working with Shawn for a year now. Not just training with Shawn, just being around him you will gain alot knowledge about the body and fitness and how it all works together. Personal training is not just a hobby to him, it is a lifestyle and he has a strong passion for fitness. I train with him for that reason, I want the same intesity and passon going into my workouts and motivating me to be on the same level as he is. Shawn is very honest and straight to the point. If you don't understand a certain part of the workout or you dont know why you doing it, Shawn explains why and how to do things and if he dosen't know he will tell where to find the answer. For example, I injured my back a 8 of months ago and been going to physical therapy for 4 months with no relief of pain. I told shawn about my problem and he refered me to a read a book on how to prehab and rehab your bak and a designed a workout for me for my back. Since then, my back pain has stop for the most part and improve my flexability. Thanks to Shawn, I can start working out again without pain.
terrence martin
On Jun 13, 2011
Motivation never has been a problem me when working out (I train now). I go to gym and naturally I want to get bigger and stronger. How is that different than anyone else? It's not. Are they wasting their time? After having Shawn as my trainer, I can say they are. For example, what is water? Something you drink and hydrate yourself with. If Shawn was chemist, he wouldn't hesitate to tell you, "No, it's 2 hydrogen atoms, and oxygen." That is his approach to personal training, it is an exact science to him. If you come with the right mindset, then Shawn will do rest, just pick weights up and put them down when he says so. I will guarantee you will reach your goals. "Just stick to the plan."
Shawn Fears
On Jan 04, 2011
1. In the 3.5 months working out with Shawn I lost 5 inches of myabdominal area.2. With Shawn's workouts I came off of two Blood Pressure medications.
3. I also knocked 3 minutes off of my run time
Shawn Fears
On Jan 04, 2011
I just wanted to thank you for your impromptu tutoring yesterday afternoon with me. The few exercises you showed me are ones that no doctor has even shown me.
Having a better understanding of my right hip and lower back issues, and knowing how to remedy keeping them loosened up is invaluable. It explains why I have issues in all the other spots that are compensating for that stiffness.
Keep up the good work! I will be retesting in mid-August and the help you have provided me will help me succeed.
I cc’d your leaders so they are reminded you are an asset to this Wing and the work you do is much appreciated.
NCOIC, Aerospace Medicine Flight
Eielson AFB, Alaska
Shawn Fears
On Jan 04, 2011
After years of barely passing, I failed my PT test upon returning from 7months in Iraq. I began training with Shawn Fears and after 50 days on hisprogram, I retested and scored a 91. Shawn teaches proper exercise form and techniques to strengthen your core,which is critical for the AF Fitness Test. His education and experiencemake him an ideal personal trainer. He can quickly identify your weak areasand customize workouts to avoid aggravating injuries for Airmen on profiles.Every day he challenged me with new workouts to keep me motivated and toavoid burning out. Shawn Fears is results oriented and proven effective. He will get you apassing PT score and save your career if you follow his program.
~Charles Freel
A Major in the United States Air Force

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