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Heather Phillips
On Jul 18, 2014
If you are looking for a great group x instructor or a personal trainer, stop looking, you are in excellent hands with Nancy! She is truly amazing and cares about each person she is helping. If you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or have a fun time, this is what you are going to get! She teaches in lots of different formats, so try them all before you decide which one you like the best. She is also a great mentor and has helped push me just enough to cross over my own line and break out into the fitness world. Through her support and encouragement, all things are possible!
Thank you Nancy, you will never know how much you have helped me!
Heather Phillips- Ujam sista
Christl Ray
On Mar 28, 2014
For the past 20 years, I have been a member of gyms. I like trying the broad range of group fitness classes that are offered, I like weight resistance training several times a week, I like the comraderie and benefit of small group personal training, and I've hired a handful of personal trainers along the way when I have a specific goal in mind. For almost 10 years, I've been an instructor and a manager at a year round swim school and I've even become a Zumba instructor along the way. All this is to say: When it comes to fitness and fitness professionals, I've been around the block a few times.

Nancy is a standout. I've never met a trainer as knowledgeable and as personable as Nancy. I've been in her small group CrossCore classes, and I love how creative and knowledgeable she is. She has more fitness wisdom in her little pinky than I could dream of having in a lifetime, but she doesn't lord it over anyone. She is her client's cheerleader and support. Her workouts are simple but effective, and challenging to each person right where they are at. Nancy, just by being herself, doesn't make anyone feel bad about their current abilities or non-abilities. She includes everyone. She makes goals attainable. I feel like I need to write everything down after having a session with Nancy because my brain will explode trying to remember all the great things she showed me. She also listens, so if there is a goal that someone has in mind, even if it's as simple as being able to do a pullup for the first time, she helps them reach that goal. She is understanding and accepting; she sees people holistically and know that there is more to everyone than just their time in the gym. She has an eye for detail and knows what to look for when it comes to effectiveness and safety; she can see when an angle of a joint needs to be moved "just so" to get maximum benefit from an exercise.

I've been in Nancy's Zumba classes and she brings all of the above to these classes too. She engages and leads her class beautifully. She weaves great fitness moves throughout her choreography. She shows many different levels so anyone can feel successful. I've seen her at Zumba trainings and I can tell that she is interested in further learning. Nancy doesn't stay stagnant or rest on her current knowledge.
Debbie Levy
On Dec 08, 2013
Nancy is truly a miracle worker! I went to her hoping to get back into shape and feeling healthy after having 3 children. I had rotator cuff issues, including a frozen shoulder. It felt like an impossibility to reach my former athletic life style. Nancy knew just how to challenge me, yet work with the limitations my shoulder presented. She was my biggest cheerleader, yet could be kindly firm when the need arose. I saw results!!! I have recommended her to everyone. She's the perfect trainer/instructor... Some can be intimidating, or even (unintentionally) make you feel badly about yourself. Nancy is not like this. She's a fully inclusive instructor. She knows we are all on our own path, on our own journey to health and fitness and she honors that, she respects that. She gives back to the community as well. She has held a few, and been involved in many, Zumbathon fundraisers for the local Down Syndrome Society, as well as a variety of other causes. She puts herself out there and genuinely cares about her clients. Yet she never judges. I can't say enough good things about Nancy. I would follow her from gym to gym. She's worth it!!!!!!
Lauretta Young
On Nov 21, 2013
I have resisted doing personal training since the ones I see at the "typical" training sessions really don't know the accurate science and are not adjusting their "routines" to the individual client. I got to know Nancy from Zumba and she is the only teacher I have ever had who talks about how to not get hurt. She shows correct body mechanics for squats, for knee movements for jumps. Most other Zumba instructors are way better dancers AND they don't know how to help others adjust. Nancy has a solid grasp of the underlying science and she uses it to make sure we can keep dancing. I love her sense of humor and acceptance. One of her phrases is " does it matter what your neighbor is doing-- no , dance YOUR dance". We have such fun at U Jam and Zumba with her. What a gift.
I then decided to try Cross Core with her despite my intense dislike of weight lifting. I found that the small group sessions where she really mixes up the activities to get all the muscles was not only fun I made incredible progress. I want to be able to get out of my kayak this year when we visit Alaska-- last year my son had to drag me out-- not this year-- my entire core and triceps are FIT. And she is encourages the client enough but not over their ability or comfort or safety. What I see some other trainers doing makes me shudder.
My regard for her work with my health is beyond words. Her skill set, her ethics, her dance routines, her enthusiasm and even her funny jokes are all part of the complete package. Lauretta Young MD-- Director OHSU Student Resiliency Program in Integrative Medicine and PSU Professor Community Health
Amy Aragon
On Sep 25, 2013
When I met Nancy, I was attending her Zumba Fitness classes as a student and was amazed at her personality. How she could draw me in with her energy and love for dance and music. Her chorography was so easy to follow and I loved the moves. Additionally, she is a fitness guru. I take other fitness formats she teaches as well. Nancy loves everything about fitness and has educated herself well within this industry. It is her passion and it is reflected every time she teaches and talks to her students. She has inspired me in so many ways.

Amy Aragon
Renise H
On Sep 24, 2013
Nancy is AMAZING, not only as a trainer and fitness professional but also as a person. I have been a happy client of hers for almost 2years now. I attend her zumba and u-jam classes, as well as her cross core group training. What sets her apart from any fitness trainer I know is her ability to make the connection of body mechanics in motion and anatomy. She explains and demonstrates great visual correction of posture and gait to her clients. And above all Nancy makes it FUN!!! I'm stronger and more confident than ever. Thank you Nancy!
Renise H.
tiffany burress
On Sep 21, 2013
NANCY ROCKS! the ONLY reason I get out of bed on Monday mornings is to take her Zumba class! I smile the entire time...her enthusiasm is contagious and her choreography is AMAZING!
Kim Witherspoon
On Feb 21, 2013
I took the first Crosscore training in Oregon with Nancy Korf. She is a wonderful group x instructor, personal trainer and master trainer for Crosscore. She taught proper body mechanics, safety and alignment. I use Crosscore in my bootcamp classes as well as one on one training. My students love it! Nancy has amazing energy and is super fun! You leave her classes feeling strong, charged and happy. I highly recommend Nancy for any of her trainings or classes. She rocks!
Christine Botkin
On Feb 19, 2013
I have been taking classes from Nancy for probably at least 5 years, step TRX Crosscore Zumba, she is a stupendous instrictor you can tell she loves her work and everyone loves her. I try to take a class from her eventhough I am at a different health club now when I can. My favorite class is her Zumba classes, she has sooo much energy!! Thank You Nancy for being you!
Christine Botkin
Brad Berscheid
On Nov 30, 2012
Enthusiasm. Experience. Approachability. Nancy has no shortage of enthusiasm, which is contageous in her group classes. Nancy has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Her experience in working with all types of clients comes through when you receive instruction from her. She clearly knows her craft. Sometimes a fitness guru can be intimidating. Nancy is the opposite, being very approachable. I highly recommend Nancy Korf!

Brad Berscheid, co-owner "Results Driven Fitness Training"

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