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Women's Health Topics: Research, Bone Health and Pelvic Floor Education Course

May 2009 CEC Women's Health Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal

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Type: Online Course

Item: CIFJ0509


Get up-to-date on the latest research in women's health. Get the lowdown on current research that can help you empower and educate female clients. Then discover how to increase bone health while decreasing the chances for injury or disease. Finally, turn on the pelvic core neuromuscular system with triplanar movement and functional education.

Articles and the test from the May 2009 CEC Women's Health Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

After reading these articles, readers should be able to do the following:

  1. Explain the current media messages on cardiovascular health for young women.
  2. Discuss some of the chief health diseases affecting women, including metabolic syndrome.
  3. Discuss effective exercise program designs to prevent and/or combat the negative health consequences of some common diseases.
  4. Explain why fat metabolism during endurance exercise is enhanced in females.
  5. Discuss the current status of physical activity in pregnant women.
  6. Discuss and describe self-efficacy and factors that affect exercise behavior in women.
  7. Explain Wolff’s Law.
  8. Be familiar with the research on exercise and bone mineral density.
  9. Compare the effects of different types of exercise on bone mineral density.
  10. Explain the factors that place women at an increased risk for osteoporosis and bone injuries.
  11. Summarize the roles of calcium and vitamin D in maintaining optimum bone health.
  12. Describe the Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System (PCNS) and how it relates to every client you currently train.
  13. Understand the functional relationship of all parts of the PCNS.
  14. Understand dysfunction of the PCNS.
  15. Be able to develop exercise strategies to stimulate the PCNS.
  16. Understand the use of functional tools for facilitating subconscious activation of the PCNS.

Course Content

Paving the Way for a Healthy Pelvic FloorArticle
The Bare BonesArticle
Women's Health Research UpdateArticle
CIFJ0509Online Test

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