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Women and the Lumbo-Pelvic Puzzle

by Wendy Williamson, PhD

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What is lumbo-pelvic dysfunction and what causes lumbo-pelvic pain? How much does pregnancy, low-back pain or external/internal hip rotation contribute to this dysfunction? The lumbo-pelvic area is comprised of 29 muscles—this DVD will help uncover techniques to assess function and determine muscular imbalance in this complicated region.

This is a live recorded session from the 2009 IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference™
By Wendy Williamson, PhD

About the Author

Wendy Williamson, PhD

Wendy Williamson, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

I own a fitness studio and am a post rehabilitation specialist. My PhD study was low back pain with emphasis in spinal stabilization. I see many with chronic diseases or recovering from injuries, ie: joint replacement, MS, Parkinson's Disease, MS, and general deconditioning. I also travel and speak "training trainers" and have authored many articles. Love what I do; love how it helps the quality of life for those I get to spend time with in the studio.

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Includes a shipped DVD.

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