Training Fascia—Research Developments in Fibrous Connective Tissue Training

by Michol Dalcourt


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As more and more research sheds light on tissue dynamics, we are becoming more aware of the role and behaviors of fascia (fibrous connective tissue matrix) and its importance in movement function. What is less clear, however, are guidelines around how to train and influence adaptation through this all important structure. This session is geared toward elucidating the research and clarifying the organization of program design around fascia, and then putting tangible exercises in place in a systematic way.

About the Author

Michol Dalcourt

Michol Dalcourt IDEA Author/Presenter

Michol Dalcourt is an educator, author, trainer, inventor, and an industry leader in the areas of human movement and performance training. Michol is Director of the Institute of Motion, Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco in Sports Science, and co-founder of PTA Global certification. He is the inventor of ViPR, a fitness tool being rolled out in top clubs and with professional athletic teams. Michol’s innovative techniques have been adopted by many of the top international fitness certification bodies

13 Reviews

4.6 out of 5 Stars

  • by Rachel Hannah on Feb 25, 2018

    Excellent presentation, full of valuable information. No time was wasted! Michol was easy to understand and reinforced things I already know as well as got me thinking howto take things to the next level. My only critique, which has nothing to do with the presentation, is the filming. I have found with these videos of conferences, the videographer keeps the camera on the presenter, when the information we need to see is on the presenters slideshow. This is very frustrating. I was very appreciative of access to the exercises at the end though. Thank you!

  • by patricia Fabbri on Feb 12, 2018

    I liked the presentation but found it very frustrating watching the group watch and discuss exercise videos that were not shown to the viewer.

  • by Emily Spear on Aug 17, 2017

    I do a little bit of standing to ground moves but this took it to another level. Very informative and Michel is super knowledgeable and fun. I can definitely tell he lives this philosophy in his own life. Thank you!

  • by Laura Gideon on Aug 02, 2017

    Excellent presentation by Michol of extremely valuable information. I really liked the exercises at the end and the explanations of the levels. I will use everything in my practice, Thank you!

  • by Judy Garcia on Jul 19, 2017

    Interesting, but there are no material as power point and videos :(

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