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The Neuroscience of Change: Getting the Best Results Ever!

by Robert Cappuccio

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Why is it that some individuals with significant education and training still maintain habits that prevent them from achieving any substantial degree of success? As fitness professionals, we must ask - Does knowing more really enable our clients to achieve more? Not really! Beliefs are a powerful determinant of our ability to accomplish anything in our lives. In this session, we will examine how beliefs direct behavior and influence outcomes. We'll also discuss several behavioral change strategies that will identify and eradicate the self-limiting beliefs and practices that keep your clients from getting what they want.
By Bobby Cappuccio

About the Author

Robert Cappuccio

Robert Cappuccio IDEA Author/Presenter

Robert Cappuccio is a co-founder of PTA-Global, an international personal trainer education company. Formerly the director of professional development for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Robert has written articles for several fitness publications, been a contributing author of two textbooks and has been a keynote speaker for leading industry conferences. Certification: NASM

2 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Jill Rodriguez on Oct 28, 2011

    Very well done. I hope that finding our clients "why" to help them reach their goals, becomes common practice in our industry. Thank you for paving the way.

  • by Sue Bowen on Jul 07, 2011

    Very powerful. I think every person involved in the fitness industry would benefit from the ideas presented in this lecture...


Includes a shipped DVD.

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