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The BioMechanics Method®
Corrective Exercise Specialist Certificate

Created and Presented by Justin Price, MA

36 Reviews 5.0 out 5 Stars


  • Earn up to 80 CEC hours
  • Help your clients breakthrough their limitations and ailments
  • Boost your credentials
  • Receive referrals from the medical community

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Save $250

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This revolutionary approach to pain relief incorporates structural assessments, corrective exercise techniques and life coaching strategies into a simple system that makes improved function and pain-free living a reality for people plagued by muscle and joint pain. TBMM has been used by Justin Price for nearly 20 years with amazing results, helping people overcome the effects of back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle and foot pain.

TBMM is recognized and accredited internationally by the world's largest and most respected fitness organizations and is the highest-rated CES credential in the industry.

However, very few fitness professionals have the necessary skills and requisite qualifications to help these clients meet their pain-relief and performance goals.

Professionals who have earned The BioMechanics Method corrective exercise credential (TBMM-CES) are sought-after the world over for their unique ability to help people eradicate pain so they can regain or continue active lifestyles.

Available Course Credits

ACE 8.0
Fitness Australia 15.0
PTAG 80.0
YMCA 80.0
ACSM 80.0
CSEP 15.0
NETA 80.0

Available Course Credits

ACE 8.0
Fitness Australia 15.0
PTAG 80.0
YMCA 80.0
ACSM 80.0
CSEP 15.0
NETA 80.0
  • How to perform a series of simple assessments to reveal the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction
  • How to choose and implement the right corrective exercises with clients
  • How to sell corrective exercise programs to prospective clients
  • How to integrate corrective exercise strategies into athletic and/or performance based programs.
  • And more!

Watch Video Previews of all 5 Modules

  • The Fundamentals of Structural Assessment
  • Understanding Muscles and Movement
  • The Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise
  • Corrective Exercise Program Design
  • The Complete Exercise Library (Level One)

Who Created The BioMechanics Method?

The BioMechanics Method courses were created and developed by Justin Price and Mary Bratcher, founders of The BioMechanics. Their comprehensive approach to pain relief through structural alignment, sequential corrective exercise, and effective client communication has helped thousands of people worldwide overcome the debilitating effects of pain.

IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year (2006)

Justin Price, MA is an author of numerous books and articles, a celebrated presenter, and a content development expert for The American Council on Exercise, PTA Global, BOSU, Fitness Anywhere (and the TRX), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Mary Bratcher, MA who specializes in client communication and identification of psychological stressors that contribute to musculoskeletal pain, has created numerous continuing education courses for fitness professionals. She is a regular contributor to industry publications and events, a faculty member of The American Council on Exercise and a member of the PTA Global Board of Directors.

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Andrea Green on Jan 11, 2017
Great course, excellent learning/study materials, provides the fitness professional with practical skills to confidently guide your clients through a corrective exercise program. As a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor I believe the TBMM program design and order of exercise progression will work in seamlessly with both exercise methods. It just makes sense

Nancy Simpson on Dec 15, 2016
I am very proud to have recently completed the TBBM course. This is both a wonderfully constructed course and amazingly effective method for assisting my clients in relieving their chronic musculoskeletal aches and pains. I love teaching the connectivity of the kinetic chain and the way the human body responds to misalignment. It is so gratifying to have a method that educates my clients as well as relieving them of their discomforts! After 20 years as a personal trainer, this course has brought me new energy and confidence I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a solid method for corrective exercise and a supportive group back at the TBBM home office!

Caroline Cahill on Feb 23, 2016
I feel that this course is a must for all fitness professionals as I realize good functional movement is only achievable when we move from a position of as close to ideal posture as possible. The course content is very well laid out in informative text and videos that are easy to follow. Being able to move at your own pace through the material step by step makes it even easier. Since completing this course I have been able to assist many of my clients in correcting deviations in their posture that was affecting their daily lives, eliminating aches and pains that they had learnt to live with. A new client who came to me having learnt to live with intense shoulder and hip pain even though she had been down many avenues for a cure was amazed at the progress she has made by diligently doing her home exercises every day for the past month. Her hip pain has totally disappeared and her shoulder is well on the way to becoming pain free. This course has also made me more aware of the imbalances within my own body which I have been working on with excellent results.

Marcia de Azevedo Daher on Dec 20, 2016
I´m very thankfull and very happy to finished this course! This is great tool and very usefull to work with all my clients! This course has gave me confidence to work with my clients, and i highly recommend to everyone, because sometimes , even tho, you have a line of training, secuence to aliviate the pain, sometimes you are not sure if it is the right way! But following the steps of The Biomechanics Methods, you can reallyhave success with your clients! Thank you Justin!! Really Awesome!

Stacie Weber on Nov 30, 2016
I'm very grateful and excited to have completed the Biomechanics method. Most populations will need this level of help with their health and I'm looking for to helping those people.

NEW! Buy the BioMechanics Method in 3 individual modules

The Fundamentals of Structural Assessment

The Fundamentals of Structural Assessment (13 CECs)

Learn a step-by-step process for conducting postural assessments to help identify 12 common musculoskeletal imbalances.


Understanding Muscles and Movement

Understanding Muscles and Movement (12 CECs)

Learn specific muscles origins, insertions, and functions, and how gravity and ground reaction forces change the way a body moves.


The Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise Program Design

The Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise Program Design (53 CECs)

Learn nearly 200 corrective exercises that eliminate pain caused by common musculoskeletal imbalances.


Save $250

Use Code: TBMM250

Please note: This course has downloadable components and is not eligible for refunds. Digital manuals are not printable.