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Safely Integrating Plyometrics, Nutrient Needs for Marathon Runners, and Training Master Athletes Course

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Item: CIFJ0908


Earn CECs while you learn from this trio of expertly written sports training articles. Learn about working with master athletes and how the experience can be rewarding and eye-opening. Discover how plyometrics can be a great training tool when implemented correctly. Find out what the proper food and fluid needs are for marathon runners.

Articles and the test from the September 2008 CEC Sports Conditioning Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the current profile of masters athletes.
  2. Be more familiar with the unique training aspects of this group.
  3. Understand the effects of aging on performance.
  4. Comprehend and utilize basic training principles for working with this population.
  5. Identify useful resources to use when working with masters athletes.
  6. Define the term plyometrics, and identify the goals of plyometric training.
  7. Define amortization phase and rate of force development, and understand how each impacts exercise performance.
  8. Describe the types of strength critical for plyometrics drills.
  9. Identify the factors to consider when evaluating the appropriateness of plyometric training for a variety of clients.
  10. Identify examples of upper-body and lower-body plyometric exercises and understand the basics behind exercise progression and design of plyometric programs.
  11. Identify essential macronutrients needed by endurance athletes.
  12. Quantify the amount of each macronutrient needed, or the percentage of caloric intake that should come from each nutrient, as applicable.
  13. Describe the amount and best source of fluids needed before, during and after a marathon race.
  14. Create a sample meal and fluid plan for your own training and race day needs.
  15. Know how to conduct a sweat test or hydration analysis.

Course Content

Look Before You Jump!Article
Nutrition for the Long RunArticle
Training Masters AthletesArticle
CIFJ0908Online Test

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