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Spinal Stabilization Versus Pelvic Stabilization

by Brian Richey

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Participants will examine the differences between spinal and pelvic stabilization techniques. We will discuss the most common dysfunctions students will encounter and identify the most beneficial technique for the client. Participants will see how modifying the client’s intention in the exercise can shift a traditional exercise from focusing on stability of the spine to the pelvis and vice versa.

About the Author

Brian Richey

Brian Richey IDEA Author/Presenter

Brian, the owner/operator of Fit 4 Life DC, was born in Kailua, Hawai‘i, and graduated from the University of Hawai‘i with a B.S. in Exercise Science/Kinesiology. Brian is certified as a: • Medical Exercise Program Director through the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals (AAHFRP) • Medical Exercise Specialist through AAHFRP • Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist through AAHFRP • Certified Instructor of the M.E.L.T. Method • Certified Power Plate® Instructor Brian is also a graduate of the Honolulu School of Massage and was a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Hawai‘i. He has worked as a personal trainer since 1993 throughout Hawai‘i and Washington, D.C. Brian is also an instructor for the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals and lectures nationwide. Although he was raised in paradise, Brian’s childhood wasn’t all fun in the sun. He was an obese child, and by the age of 18 was topping the scales at more than 420 lbs. "For me it was an addiction issue—I was addicted to food and couldn’t get enough. Now, I can’t blame anyone but myself. I had great role models; in fact my mom has been in the fitness industry since the late 70’s. After graduating from high school, I began seriously trying to lose the weight. And I did it in a unique way: diet and exercise. I started with exercise, five miles of walking around Diamond Head Crater in Waikiki everyday. While the walk itself was difficult, the hardest part was the ridicule I endured from the perfectly sculpted surfers I passed on a third of my route. But that steeled my desire. And I say desire because I wanted it; it went beyond just determination at that point. My weight began to come off slowly, but within three years I was under 200lbs. Now, I am almost 40 years old and my weight is around 220."

2 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Martin Petrofes on Mar 14, 2015

    Very good video. Great presenter/speaker, Brian Richey. Excellent content. Highly recommend this to any Fitness Instructor.

  • by Cindy Gortmaker on Nov 19, 2013

    Great video. Brian did an excellent video showing spinal stabilization vs pelvic stabilzation - and the exercises to strengthen. Easy to understand and implement. Brian is well educated and able to communicate the information clearly.

    I watched the video over the weekend and took some of the info I learned into the studio on Tuesday. One of my clients has several back issues so we "woke up" her multifidus by doing the sidelying clam and tapping the muscles in her lumbar. The client was so astonished she could feel the muscles energize and said she had a tingling as her muscles woke up.

    This is a video that will be well used. I will watch several times over the years to come.

    The video is excellent quality as well - they captured Brian showing the exercises as well as making the corrections on the bodies. It is clear and concise and the watcher is not left wondering what is going on.

    Great Job!!


Includes a shipped DVD.

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