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Brain-Based Personal Training, The Science of Water, and Inflammation and Exercise Course

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Type: Online Course

Item: CIFJ1108


These three research-based articles will teach you about brain-based personal training, the science of water, and inflammation and exercise. Learn how to use tried-and-true learning styles and techniques to harness the power of the mind and motivate clients. Then, discover the science of water, nature’s most important nutrient. Finally, understand how too much exercise can exacerbate the inflammation cascade.

Articles and the test from the November-December 2008 CEC Research Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the basics of the brain and how it learns, in relation to personal training.
  2. Identify three learning styles, and determine how to design training programs that meet the needs of these learning preferences.
  3. Understand six essential variables of motivation and their application to personal training.
  4. Describe the eight elements of lesson design as they relate to personal training.
  5. Discuss basic principles for facilitating transfer and retention of learning.
  6. Discuss the basic physiological facts and bodily functions of water.
  7. State current recommendations for daily water intake.
  8. Explain and discuss the health benefits and diseases associated with water.
  9. Discuss the role of hydration in physical performance.
  10. Discuss proper fluid replacement guidelines for sustaining endurance performance.
  11. Describe inflammation’s role in the immune system and the cascade effect of inflammation in the body.
  12. Explain homeostasis, allostatic load and the general adaptation system (GAS).
  13. Identify physiological stressors and other factors that cause chronic inflammation.
  14. Describe how to modify an exercise program to attenuate inflammatory conditions by using lower intensities and other parameters.
  15. Suggest specific prophylactic lifestyle strategies that clients can adapt to reduce inflammation.

Course Content

Brain-Based Personal TrainingArticle
Exercise and the Inflammation ProcessArticle
The Science of Water: Nature's Most Important NutrientArticle
CIFJ1108Online Test

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