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Improving Functional Abilities in Older Adults, Pre-Exercise Stretching and Performance, and The Science of Breathing Course

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Type: Online Course

Item: CIFJ0207


Get the latest research on improving functional abilities in older adults, pre-exercise stretching, and the science of breathing in this continuing education course. Discover how to improve functional abilities in your older clients by first learning how to assess their current level of functional abilities and then developing the most effective training programs for them. Get the latest research that offers insight into flexibility, function and the pros and cons of stretching before exercise. Understand the physiological mechanism and the mind-body connection of breathing and how this connection has been applied to breathing practices, particularly in yoga.

Articles and the test from the February 2007 CEC Research Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the process of breathing (or ventilation).
  2. Explain the process of respiration.
  3. Discuss and explain the voluntary or behavioral control of breathing.
  4. Discuss and explain the metabolic control of breathing.
  5. Thoroughly discuss pranayama breathing; define it, describe its purpose in yoga, list some of the health benefits, and discuss the theory underlying it.
  6. Describe the physiological changes that occur in muscle from stretching and that ultimately increase range of motion.
  7. Describe the mechanisms that explain decreases in muscular force and power development following pre-exercise stretching.
  8. Discuss current research regarding the effects of static, ballistic, PNF and dynamic stretching on strength, power and endurance when performed prior to exercise.
  9. Compare the effectiveness of static, ballistic, PNF and dynamic stretching during the pre-exercise period for improving exercise performance, based on current research.
  10. Implement strategies for improving flexibility in clients based on current recommendations for pre-exercise stretching modalities and overall timing of stretching.
  11. Describe the concepts of function and disability as they relate
    to the older-adult population.
  12. Explain the relationship between exercise training and the
    disablement pathway of older adults.
  13. Discuss some of the more common functional assessments used with older subjects who participated in the salient
    research studies.
  14. Compare and contrast the documented functional benefits of progressive resistance training, power training and functional-task training for older adults.
  15. Critically apply the principle of specificity to exercise training methods with older-adult clients.

Course Content

Improving Functional Abilities in Older AdultsArticle
Pre-Exercise Stretching and PerformanceArticle
The Science of BreathingArticle

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