Posture Analysis—From Head to Toe

by Eric Beard, MS

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In order to create effective and specific exercise programs for your clients, you must have the ability to properly identify postural dysfunctions. This DVD will teach you how to assess your clients from head to toe through the use of movement assessments to identify potential muscle imbalances. You will also review corrective exercise strategies to improve structure and function.

By Eric Beard, MS

About the Author

Eric Beard, MS

Eric Beard, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

I am passionate about helping people move better, feel better and live better. I successfully integrate manual therapy and corrective exercise into all of my clients, patients and athletes programs to keep them healthy and performing at their best. I have presented to over 10,000 fitness professionals over the last ten years and deeply enjoying the experience of simultaneously learning and giving back. I have a love for public speaking and have also enjoyed coaching other trainers, corrective exercise specialists and massage therapists since 2009. Education + Inspiration + Consistent Commitment = Powerful Results!

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Includes a shipped DVD.

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