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Yoga Research, The Science of Willpower, and Choosing the Right Coach-Training Program Course

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Expand your knowledge on three different subjects with the mind-body-spirit–specific articles in this course and learn the truth about some of the latest yoga research. Find out how willpower is like a muscle and discover how you can train it. Learn about becoming a coach and the relevant factors to weigh before choosing a coach training program.

Articles and the test from the June 2008 CEC Mind-Body-Spirit Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Define the key elements of a randomized controlled trial.
  2. List several potential pitfalls when designing a research study on yoga.
  3. Describe the health conditions for which there is good scientific evidence to suggest that yoga may be beneficial.
  4. Explain the health conditions for which there is promising but inconclusive scientific evidence that yoga may be beneficial.
  5. Provide answers to client questions about the effect of a yoga practice on specific common ailments.
  6. Understand the four assumptions of the strength model of willpower, and the evidence that supports the model.
  7. Describe the body’s role in supporting acts of willpower.
  8. Explain how stress and lifestyle can influence willpower.
  9. Identify three strategies for restoring willpower and three for conserving willpower.
  10. Explain how exercising willpower can improve it.
  11. Give a succinct definition of professional coaching.
  12. Understand the forces driving growth in the coaching field.
  13. Identify the 11 core competencies for coaches.
  14. Recognize elements distinguishing different coach training programs.
  15. Appreciate the requirements for becoming a coach.

Course Content

The Latest Yoga ResearchArticle
The Science of WillpowerArticle
Becoming a Coach: A Roadmap to TrainingArticle
CIFJ0608Online Test

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