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June 2011 IDEA Fitness Journal Quiz 3: Nutrition and Building Breakfasts

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This continuing education quiz covers nutrition topics and healthy food education. Read about how two recent food events issued a rumbling groundswell of momentum on the health and wellness fronts from culinary thought leaders and wellness activists. The message they are evangelizing more passionately than ever is that adults and kids everywhere desperately need education about where their food comes from, and that they need resources to teach them how to shop for and prepare more healthful and balanced whole-food meals without breaking the budget. Discover that scientists have developed an enhanced “bitterness blocker” that could make food taste less bitter. Could this help increase veggie consumption? Is a calorie a calorie no matter what its source? Does 200 calories of potato chips or snack cake have the same thermodynamic effect on the human body as 200 calories of fruit or hummus and whole-wheat pita bread? Learn that there is a big difference that needs to be understood. Read about the benefits of coconut water and how berries can battle Parkinson’s disease. Learn how to build a better breakfast and tips for optimal fueling when you wake up. Whip up a triple-berry smoothie and take the quiz!

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Learning Objectives

After reading these articles, you should be able to:
  1. Discuss the research studies and findings described in the Food for Thought section.
  2. Understand basic differences between observational and experimental research study designs.
  3. Recognize the limitations of exercising when the body is in a state of energy deficit.
  4. Identify ways to enhance the nutrient content of a typical breakfast.

Course Content

2011 food network south beach wine & food festivalArticle
will a spoonful of bitter blocker help the brussels sprouts go down?Article
What are the health benefits of coconut water?Article
triple berry smoothieArticle
natural products expo west 2011Article
june picksArticle
cilantro: love to hate it or learn to love itArticle
Build a Better BreakfastArticle
berries battle parkinson’sArticle
a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. or is it?Article
May 2011 IDEA Fitness Journal Quiz 3: Nutrition and Building Breakfasts Online Test

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