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Innovations and Choreography in Pilates - CEC Course

by Kathy Corey

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Type: Online Course

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Pilates has evolved. Join us for this special workshop that will show you how to introduce innovative choreography and sequencing into classes. Explore several ways for taking traditional movements and using modifications and variations to create combinations that can be done individually or linked together to create a complete choreographed class. This course is a progressive and contemporary approach to the Pilates system of exercise.
By Kathy Corey

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Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss why the Pilates mat work as the foundation for the equipment work.
  2. Implement new developments of the work through new choreography.
  3. Compare the classic work to innovations and modifications.
  4. Experience how the same movement changes through different teaching techniques.
  5. Explain how to approach teaching different levels of students in one class.
  6. Summarize how improving core stabilization, postural alignment, centering, balance and coordination through a specifically designed Pilates mat class will benefit your clients in daily life.

Course Content

Innovations and Choreography in PilatesStreaming Video
Innovations and Choreography in PilatesStreaming Video
Innovations and Choreography in PilatesDVD(DVD versions only)
C910392CECOnline Test

About the Author

Kathy Corey

Kathy Corey IDEA Author/Presenter

Kathy Corey is the owner and director of West Coast Pilates. She has been a Pilates teacher and an active member and leader in the Pilates community for almost 30 years. Kathy serves on the advisory b...

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