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IDEA Food & Nutrition Tips Supplement 2013/2014 -10 Pack

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Type: Book

Item: CIFNT13B


We have built his special supplement edition of IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips as a toolbox you can use to educate your clients in 2014. The five articles in this issue are expertly written and are intended to give you concrete ideas about what you can do to help apparently healthy clients navigate their everyday food and nutrition hurdles. The authors are all dietitians with advanced degrees. They know your concerns about scope of practice and have given you practical, "how-to" information you can feel confident about putting into action. From a basic primer on how to read and interpret food ingredient labels, to specific suggestions on what to include in a supermarket shopping tour and how to clean out (and restock) a pantry, this information will equip you with a solid start and, hopefully, give your clients a new beginning.

39-page supplement sold in packs of 10 copies.

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Includes a shipped book.