How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Through Nutrition and Exercise

by Jade Teta, ND

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Think belly fat is a simple issue of too many calories or not enough exercise? It’s not! It is a matter of hormones. Every time you eat, exercise, sleep or undergo stress, you generate a cascade of cellular signaling molecules that determine not only whether you store fat or burn it, but where on the body it accumulates. Discover the advanced endocrinology of belly fat and leave with the most cutting-edge diet, exercise and lifestyle protocols that directly attack it.
By Jade Teta

About the Author

Jade Teta, ND

Jade Teta, ND IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a hybrid fitness professional who works as a holistic physician, wellness coach and personal trainer. I am a licensed family physician in Washington State, but work as a health, fitness and fat loss consultant in NC. I am also a freelance writer and author of The New ME Diet (4/2010 HarperCollins).

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4.8 out of 5 Stars

  • by Laurie Smith on Feb 09, 2016

    Very interesting information, and an easy-to-grasp primer on hormones and their effects on metabolism and fat storage. Dr. Teta is an engaging and articulate speaker, and I look forward to researching more of his material.

  • by Nadine Holton on Jul 18, 2015

    This was a great and helpful video that I cannot not wait to use with my clients.

  • by Gabriel Tello on May 09, 2014

    It's called macros. I believe in macro ratios. Works for me, works for my clients. Carbs should always be the LARGEST proportion of macros in your diet, then fat then protein.

  • by DeAnna Morrison on Jan 06, 2014

    VERY informative! Thank you for presenting a topic that would otherwise be dry, in such a captivating and interesting way! You held my attention for the entire time.

  • by Mary Ann Wood on May 07, 2013

    WOW! This is SO enlightening!! I LOVE the detail Jade provides! Every trainer needs to watch this if they don't already possess specialized credentials on the science of fat loss. Thank you Jade & thank you IDEA for providing this information!!

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