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Bringing Sexy Back (to Tai Chi)!

by David-Dorian Ross

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Most people think that tai chi is always slow and meditative. News Flash: Tai chi actually comes in many different styles and flavors. In this unique video, you will learn alternate styles of tai chi, particularly the Chen style. You'll also gain a greater understanding of the differences between tai chi and kickboxing. We think it's time to bring sexy back to tai chi!
By David-Dorian Ross

About the Author

David-Dorian Ross

David-Dorian Ross IDEA Author/Presenter

David-Dorian Ross Founder & CEO of TaijiFit Creator of the TaijiFit method David-Dorian Ross is the founder and CEO of TaijiFit, and the creator of the TaijiFit program - a revolution in Mind/Body exercise. His competitive performances have won him seven US gold medals, two World bronze medals and a World silver medal -- the highest awards ever given to an American for international T'ai Chi performance. He is also one of the most prolific Mind-Body experts in America - the developer of the TOUCH Yoga System, and creator of the Full Circle Method of Life/Wellness Coaching. He has brought his personal style of both traditional and fusion mind-body classes to conferences, clubs and retreats around the world since 1995. David-Dorian is the host of the PBS television special "Tai Chi, Health and Happiness" and the PBS series "Tai Chi in Paradise." David-Dorian is the author of five books on health and wellness, and a dozen award-winning dvd's, including Tai Chi Beginners’ Practice (the #1 selling T’ai Chi video in the world), produced by Gaiam. Inside Kung-fu Magazine called David-Dorian "the man who brought Tai Chi maistream."  Together with his partner, international action film star Jet Li, he is on a mission to introduce Taiji (Tai Chi) to 100 million new people worldwide by the year 2020.

1 Review

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by James Abney on Nov 23, 2012

    As a trainer, martial artist, practitioner of Qi Gong, and a Yoga instructor I loved this workshop and the flow was well worked. Very very good, enjoy everyone!


Includes a shipped DVD.

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