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Balancing Hormones Through Nutrition

by Teri Mosey, PhD


Hormones are chemical messengers that coordinate the body's complex workings of digestion, metabolism, immunity and even state of mind. Come join us as we explore nutrition practices to help nourish and rebalance our hormones. Topics will include understanding the workings of hormones, dispelling myths on weight loss, and examining dietary and lifestyle strategies to revitalize energy levels, manage weight fluctuations, regulate blood sugar levels and enhance our mood.

About the Author

Teri Mosey, PhD

Teri Mosey, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

Teri Mosey has been working in various arenas of the health and fitness industry since 1996. Her knowledge and experience has developed over the years to include studies of Eastern and Western philosophies, yogic perspectives, energy medicine, and culinary exploration. Through personal and group dynamics, Teri provides supportive and resourceful environments to assist others in discovering their personal path to wellness. She presents alternative perspectives of biochemistry, human physiology and nutrition by incorporating the principles of holistic living into her work. Teri believes with a dynamic foundation of knowledge combined with personal responsibility and freedom of choice, we can all recognize the power within us to co-create our health and ultimately our lives.

27 Reviews

4.9 out of 5 Stars

  • by Deborah Menard on Sep 01, 2015

    Thank you Terri, that was awesome! Not only is the information you provided so helpful but you speak seamlessly without reading from notes. You are brilliant!

  • by Mac Dodds on May 20, 2015

    What a great lecture. Thanks Teri!

  • by Mike Iasparro on Aug 26, 2014

  • by Susanna Gayedon on Aug 25, 2014

  • by Debbie Marshall on Aug 24, 2014

    Teri gave another outstanding presentation


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