Baby Boomers-The Truth About Stretching!

by Cheryl Soleway, PT

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Do you ever wonder why so many stretching routines seem to come up short? Well, muscle is usually not the problem. In fact, restrictions in movement are commonly caused by stiff, immobile joints or connective tissues. Learn how to use body therapy tools along with patterns of muscular chain release to go beyond stretching. Explore anterior, posterior and lateral chains and get options for self-massage and attention from head to toe.
By Cheryl Soleway, PT

About the Author

Cheryl Soleway, PT

Cheryl Soleway, PT IDEA Author/Presenter

In the 90's Cheryl Soleway shared her physiotherapy insights and pioneered FUNCTIONAL fitness. A decade later she shared her expertise with elite athletes and NHL hockey players while starring in industry leading Fitball DVD's and manuals. Next, she pioneered body therapy, myofascial and chain releasing. She was awarded the Can Fit Pro "Canadian Presenter of the Year" and is a popular "teacher of teachers" at conferences around the world. Today, Cheryl lives and teaches at a world class golf resort...her "homies" are high energy baby boomers with big expectations for their healthy and recreation. With 32 yrs of experience, Cheryl is at the top of her game, fusing functional fitness with body therapy and embracing her toughest crowd yet !

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Includes a shipped DVD.

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