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April 2010 IDEA Fitness Journal Test 1: Fitness and Nutrition News

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Type: Online Course

Item: CIFJ04101


Catch up on the latest fitness and nutrition news with this continuing education course. Learn several snapshots of information in one reading with these media morsels. Discover how the fitness industry is poised for growth and how team sports might be better for girls than boys. Find out how long-term thinkers make healthier choices, how building your character can lead to business success, and how a celebrity chef is building awareness of healthy eating in school cafeterias. Learn if there is a link between autism and kids’ diets and how food labels are not always accurate. So much information wrapped up in one course!

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Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the research studies and findings described in the Making News section.
  2. Discuss the research studies and findings described in the Food for Thought news section.

Course Content

Team Sports Good for Girls, Bad for Boys?Article
autism & kids' dietsArticle
a moveable feast: banana dogsArticle
adolescent weight loss success storiesArticle
the marvel of morel mushroomsArticle
cheap tricks: double-duty productsArticle
hypertension & hibiscus teaArticle
Can drinking too much tea adversely affect iron levels?Article
guide to a greener ovenArticle
eat well online guideArticle
USDA updates nutrient valuesArticle
reduce salt to build bonesArticle
don't believe all food labels!Article
Fitness Industry Poised for GrowthArticle
Can Exercise Cause Knee Arthritis?Article
Diabetes Continues to ThriveArticle
Long-Term Thinkers Make Healthier ChoicesArticle
Build Character for Business SuccessArticle
Health-Conscious Chef Spreads the Word on Healthy EatingArticle
Shake It Up With Shake WeightArticle
Get Hip to Hip ReplacementsArticle
Plank for a PurposeArticle
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