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ACE IFT®-Performance Training After 40

by Pete McCall, MS

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Do you work with recreational athletes over the age of 40 who are looking for ways to improve their performance, or clients who have athletic backgrounds and are continually looking for new challenges? Learn how to apply Phase 4 of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model to help your more advanced and recreationally competitive clients improve performance and gain an edge on their competition. Learn specific principles, strategies and techniques for developing exercise programs to enhance the skills of power, speed, agility and quickness, necessary for athletic success at all ages and critical for clients still competing over the age of 40.
By Pete McCall, MS

About the Author

Pete McCall, MS

Pete McCall, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Fitness is all about having the energy and vitality to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Whether you want to add lean muscle mass, compete in an obstacle course race, earn that next pro contract or play with your kids (or grandkids) exercise can help you enjoy your life to the fullest and my role as a personal trainer is to help you achieve that potential. Host of the All About Fitness podcast, blogger (for a variety of fitness companies), public speaker and author. For the past number of years I've been an educator working for the largest personal training certifications: the American Council on Exercise (ACE) where I helped create a wide variety of education to support how fitness professionals work with their clients, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) where I teach online courses for people preparing for the NASM personal trainer certification exam. I've had the opportunity to teach workshops to personal trainers around the world and have been quoted in numerous publications (NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Shape, SELF, etc...) but the bottom line is that I enjoy helping people change their lives and achieve their maximum potential through exercise. If your goal is to use exercise to enhance your life and you're in the San Diego area, then please contact me to learn how I can help support that objective.

3 Reviews

3.3 out of 5 Stars

  • by Genny Caruso on Nov 01, 2013

    The test was ridiculously difficult. Some of the infomation was not covered. The actual lecture was very informative and I got alot out of that portion. They need to change the test!

  • by Mary Tucker on Sep 29, 2013

    As far as the testing portion of this course, it was nearly impossible to pass. A lot of the material was not reviewed in this poorly-taped instructional course. They're trick-questions and not correlated with the class or barely mentioned in the material.

  • by Jeanne Ernst on Sep 10, 2013

    Very informative. Enjoyed this presentation.


Includes a shipped DVD.

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