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Integrative Fitness, Transformational Coaching, and Facilitating Fellowships Course

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Type: Online Course

Item: CIFJ0607


Get the latest scientific findings about harnessing the extraordinary power of integrative fitness to achieve optimal functioning of the entire body, mind and spirit from expert Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH. Learn the transformational coaching model and how to use a highly focused dialogue during training sessions to help clients create sustainable change. Discover how to facilitate fellowship and help clients receive the many benefits of social connection.

Articles and the test from the June 2007 CEC Body-Mind-Spirit Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

  1. Explain why the stereotype of the mind-body connection is no longer correct.
  2. Describe the two main components of the psychosomatic network and how they affect the individual’s ability to adapt to both internal and external environmental changes.
  3. Cite two examples of how a specific physical medical condition is affected by an individual’s state of mind.
  4. Define the terms neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.
  5. Define the term integrative fitness and list four benefits of this new fitness concept.
  6. Define and distinguish the three phases of a coaching relationship.
  7. Recognize the occurrence of three simultaneous conversations in coaching.
  8. Describe the role and focus of a coach’s inter­ventions.
  9. Appreciate the impact of psychological set points.
  10. Distinguish between behavioral change and personal transformation.
  11. Describe the health consequences of social isolation.
  12. Identify the two main types of social connection that have health benefits.
  13. Identify three ways that social connection can influence health.
  14. Describe strategies that fitness professionals can use to create social connection in a group program.
  15. Identify the types of social support that fitness professionals can offer clients.

Course Content

Integrative Fitness: The New Science of Body-Mind MedicineArticle
Transformational CoachingArticle
Facilitating FellowshipArticle
CIFJ0607Online Test

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