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Sport-Specific Knee Injuries, Sports Nutrition, and Pilates Conditioning Programs for Golfers Course

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Learn about common sports-specific knee injuries, sports nutrition, and conditioning programs for golfers while earning continuing education credits. Understand common sport-specific knee injuries and learn how water is an ally in postrehabilitation so you can create a progressive workout schedule that meets the needs of clients, as laid out by their allied healthcare teams. Learn how a unique dietary approach, referred to as nutrient periodization, can help optimize muscular fitness gains in your clients. Discover how Pilates, with its focus on core strength, flexibility, stability and balance, is a great tool for conditioning your clients who play golf.

Articles and the test from the September 2006 CEC Sports Conditioning Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

  1. Identify four knee conditions commonly associated with sports training.
  2. Describe basic training objectives for knee postrehabilitation.
  3. Recognize the benefits of utilizing a water environment for knee postrehabilitation training.
  4. Describe how to screen clients to determine readiness for postrehabilitation water exercise.
  5. Identify a number of water progressions and training objectives useful in a knee postrehabilitation program.
  6. Identify the theoretical design of an undulating exercise periodization program.
  7. Discuss and explain nutrient periodization.
  8. Outline the macronutrient guidelines given in Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005.
  9. Explain nutrient needs for optimizing muscular development.
  10. Explain the anatomy and biomechanics of the golf swing.
  11. Address common swing faults and be able to use the proper Pilates exercises to correct them.
  12. Describe the fundamental principles that control the golf ball’s flight path.
  13. Design a Pilates program for golfers that addresses physical faults, reduces injuries and improves general performance.
  14. Compare the benefits of specific Pilates exercises and give the proper alignment, movement sequence and repetitions for each movement.

Course Content

A Knee Up to PlayArticle
Tailoring Nutrient Intake to Exercise GoalsArticle
Create a Pilates Conditioning Program for GolfersArticle
CIFJ0906Online Test

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