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Yoga Programs for Active Seniors, Modifying Pilates for Clients With Osteoporosis, and Children and the Mind-Body Link Course

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Enhance your skill set and your career—become more knowledgeable and marketable by learning more about Pilates, yoga and mind-body programming for special populations, and get the CECs you need to maintain your current professional certification. Read these three in-depth articles to learn about exciting new concepts and adaptations in yoga, Pilates and tai chi for clients with osteoporosis, seniors and children.

Articles and the test from the April 2005 CEC Sports Conditioning Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Define osteoporosis and osteopenia.
  2. Name the two types of bone cells and describe their functions.
  3. List the sites most vulnerable to osteoporosis.
  4. Identify contraindicated spinal movements
    and exercises.
  5. List the guidelines for working with
    osteoporotic clients.
  6. Describe at least 10 health benefits of yoga that directly affect older adults.
  7. Identify three health conditions common among seniors and give movement recommendations for each.
  8. Identify three contraindicated movements
    for older adults and understand why these
    particular poses are considered risky.
  9. Review six general yoga guidelines
    recommended for seniors.
  10. Learn a breathing technique and two vinyasa sequences designed for active seniors.
  11. Understand and be able to articulate the value of mind-body exercise for kids.
  12. Develop a working understanding of the
    potential benefits of teaching yoga, nature awareness and tai chi to kids.
  13. Become familiar with at least 10 mind-body movements that are “kid friendly.”
  14. Design a fitness program that goes “beyond the moves” to enhance self-esteem, reduce stress and inspire children of all ages.
  15. ­Inspire parents, faculty and community to support a multidimensional approach to reverse kids’ current inactivity and poor eating habits.

Course Content

Designing a Yoga Program for Active SeniorsArticle
Modifying Pilates for Clients With OsteoporosisArticle
Children & the Mind-Body LinkArticle
CIFJ0405Online Test

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