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Can You Catch the Running Bug?

What do the common cold, the flu and running have in common? All three are contagious, according to a new study.

Vegetarian Nori Wraps With Raw Nut Hummus

These vegetarian wraps, packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, make a perfect grab-and-go lunch.

New Equipment: Fitness Pro Favorites

Fitness professionals like their equipment—from “tried-and-true” to “oh, so new.” And equipment companies like...

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Operations Manual

How well does your business run without you? Does everything fall apart when you’re not there? Do you feel like a master juggler trying to keep all the balls in the air? If these questions strik...

How Does Diet Affect the Human Microbiome?

Question: I keep hearing about the “human microbiome” and its importance for health. Could you explain how diet affects bacteria...

Short On Time? Never Miss Another Workout Again!

During my long career as a personal trainer, I’ve heard just about every excuse there is for not working out on a consistent basis, bu...

Exercise Has Significant Impact on the Cellular Level

Researchers have recently shed light on how exercise benefits the body on a cellular level. What’s more, they’ve determined a type of exercise that’s best for boosting cell health.

Health News: Fact or Fiction?

Reviewing health and fitness news on the internet can produce a minefield of misinformation. Anybody can open a social media account, build ...

Nutrition Labels Can Be Misleading

In the supermarket these days, packaged foods brandishing health, nutrition or environmental claims are easier to find than foods with less-cluttered packaging. And if you're among the growing number ...

Exercise Types Affect the Brain Differently

Plenty of research has determined that regular exercise benefits brain health. A recent large review got more specific and looked into how different types of exercise affect the brain.

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