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Fitness Facility Technology Benefits and Challenges

Fitness professionals cannot afford to ignore technology’s impact on client relationships. Activity trackers, apps and other fitness a...

Three Top Uses 
for Visualization

Top performers harness the power of imagery to perform at their peak. Here are three reasons why your clients may want to follow their examp...

Aging and the Brain

Experts point to five types of aging that can help us understand the concept of neuroplasticity:

Enduring Intensity

Enduring Intensity by Charlie Hoolihan High–intensity interval training, or HIIT, does more than improve VO2max: It has been sho...

Get Intense: HIIT the Highway!

High-intensity interval training is still enjoying a wave of popularity, thanks to its ability to stimulate results in less time than other ...

"How do you handle a client who comes in sick or with an obvious medical condition?"

I ask the client to obtain a medical clearance from a doctor before we can train. I explain that this is precautionary for his or her own he...

Major Consequences of Physical Inactivity

In the fifth century BC, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates observed, “All parts of the body, if used in moderation and exercised ...

Swing Time: Helping Golfers Improve Scores, Prevent Injuries

Swing Time: Helping Golfers Improve Scores, Prevent Injuries The key to understand the biomechanics of body rotation.

Is Millet as Nutritious as Quinoa?

Question: Is millet as nutritious a grain as quinoa? Can I cook it the same way?

Fitness Marketing on Mobile

More than ever before, consumers are using mobile to interact on social media, visit websites, access apps and even shop online. In fact, it...

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