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Are There Too Many Yoga Teachers?

Today, yoga is offered in almost any setting where people gather. Alongside the steep rise in class participants, teacher-training programs ...

Which Fitness Trackers Are Right for Your Clients?

As a fitness expert, you’ve likely had at least a couple, if not dozens, of fitness clients/participants ask you about activity tracke...

Financing Alternatives for Your Fitness Business

When I opened my studio several years ago, I had very little credit available to purchase equipment. Okay, the truth was I was drowning in d...

Active Couch Potatoes, Beware

To read more about how to prevent weight regain and bolster metabolic health, please see "New Clues to Prevent Weight Regain" in the online ...

Get Deeper Sleep Through Nutrition

With lack of sleep already such a problem among North Americans, taking some simple dietary steps to promote better slumber may be something to consider before bedtime.

Are some nuts more healthy?

b>Question: Are some nuts more nutritious than others? Should I be eating more of some and less of others?

Don’t Move It? Lose Brain Power

Those who opt for the couch over the treadmill, be warned! Inactivity can result in smaller brains later in life.

Workplace Workouts

How can fitness professionals help desk jockeys boost their daily activity levels? Perhaps it’s time to change the message. Instead of...

Ask the RD

Question: I know what sugar is, and what alcohol is, but what are “sugar alcohols”?

5 Steps to Be a Fit-Tech Guinea Pig

You don’t learn how to ride a bike by reading a book about it. You have to get on and start pedaling. The same is true of fitness tech...

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