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Music Listening, Meditation and Brain Fitness

Older adults may be able to enhance memory and brain fitness by meditating or listening to music, according to preliminary research findings...

Can You Catch the Running Bug?

What do the common cold, the flu and running have in common? All three are contagious, according to a new study.

Health News: Fact or Fiction?

Reviewing health and fitness news on the internet can produce a minefield of misinformation. Anybody can open a social media account, build ...

Bike to Work, Live Longer

Here’s another way to keep the grim reaper at bay: According to experts, ditching the car or bus in favor of active commuting—es...

Exercise Types Affect the Brain Differently

Plenty of research has determined that regular exercise benefits brain health. A recent large review got more specific and looked into how different types of exercise affect the brain.

Recipe for Health: Grilled Salmon Spelt Salad With Blueberry Vinaigrette

Buttery salmon, sweet-tart berry dressing, crunchy nuts, chewy spelt and sun-kissed vegetables mingle to create an Instagram-ready summer sa...

Exercise Mitigates Stress-Related Weight Gain in Kids

School work, social situations, family challenges—young kids are faced with a great deal of pressure and perhaps lack the proper outle...

The 6-Step Approach for Creating New Habits

Following these six steps can help clients establish new daily habits to achieve a desired outcome.

Question of the Month

We all know it: that dire moment when we return home exhausted from a harried day and realize we have no idea what to make for dinner and no...

Lifestyle Transformation Strategies That Work

Think back to a time when you achieved a significant goal. Maybe you worked hard to gain a new certification or you upped your own fitness game to run a marathon. Chances are your journey had a lot ...

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