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Does Mirror Use Improve Squat Symmetry?

Conscientious fitness professionals exert a great deal of energy helping clients and exercisers improve the quality of their movement. Often...

Don’t Move It? Lose Brain Power

Those who opt for the couch over the treadmill, be warned! Inactivity can result in smaller brains later in life.

First 3 Steps to Starting a Business on a Budget

Is the new year rekindling your desire to open a training facility? What’s stopping you? Do you think you don’t have enough cash...

Sample Class: 
Fit Frenzy

To see results from exercise, it’s important to switch things up from time to time and push your students to a safe edge. This workout...

Choke Factor: Lack of Preparation

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you knew you were underprepared? If yes, how did that affect your stress level? Your sleep? When it comes to delivering content to an audience or prod...

Real Training, Real Results

Time for change. Peter, a forty-year-old businessman, stepped through the doors of Sync Fitness & Movement because he needed a change from h...

Eating Fish Can Help Stave Off Dementia

Regularly consuming the catch of the day might be just the thing to keep your brain sharp, shows research published in the Journal of Americ...

Get Deeper Sleep Through Nutrition

With lack of sleep already such a problem among North Americans, taking some simple dietary steps to promote better slumber may be something to consider before bedtime.

Are some nuts more healthy?

b>Question: Are some nuts more nutritious than others? Should I be eating more of some and less of others?

How to Integrate 
Fit Tech Into Your Business

There is a very high probability that many of you are reading this article on your smartphone, tablet or computer, which also makes it likel...

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