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Workers Benefit From Fitness Goal Setting

by Ryan Halvorson on Mar 25, 2009

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The secret to getting fit may simply involve a bit of teamwork. According to a study published in the February issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2009; 36 [2], 133–41), workplace goal setting helped motivate employees to improve their health and fitness standards.

Evaluating Move and Improve, a “community-based program designed to encourage and empower individuals to engage in a healthier lifestyle through physical activity,” the study focused on the activity levels of 1,442 Home Depot employees. During the 3-month intervention, employees set weekly individual and team goals and received rewards upon success. The program solicited significant benefits, as 51% of subjects had accomplished five or more 30-minute moderate exercise sessions or two to three 20-minute vigorous exercise sessions per week during the first 6 weeks, while only 25% of the education-only control group had managed to engage in weekly physical activity.

“Personal and team goals work best when they are self-set, specific about how much activity and when, realistic but attainable and easily assessed, such as by weekly logs or pedometer steps,” stated lead author Rod Dishman, PhD.

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