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Whatever Your Learning Style May Be, Get Busy!

by Sandy Todd Webster on Aug 12, 2013

Whether you are a visual, kinesthetic or auditory learner, 2013 IDEA World Convention had big, tasty slice of health, fitness and nutrition pie for you.

8,000 attendees, faculty, exhibitors volunteers and staff from 60 countries formed a tight community of learning and sharing from August 7-11 at LA Live/LA Convention Center.

Visual: There was a ton of equipment, apparel and nutritional eye candy to feast upon in the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo. The best part was that you could do more than simply look. Touching, tasting and trying were all encouraged. Product knowlege is the key to innovation and variety, and this hall did not disappoint. Especially noteworthy was the expansion of the Healthy Cooking Stage and constant churn of cooking demos, food samples and lectures filling the space. Nutrition is a gathering force in the fitness equation and it's here to stay.

Kinesthetic: With 360 sessions ranging from loaded movement to dance, yoga, Pilates, Parkour, Barre, body leverage training, MMA, HIIT, cycling--and so much more--you couldn't miss. Attendees who learn best by doing reaped the benefits of what may be the richest physical program IDEA has ever put together. It was wild. It was fun. It made you think. If you didn't have wet clothes in your bag, you were on a completely different track. I indulged myself on Saturday morning by jumping into Beachbody's Mega Showcase Room extravaganza with Chalene Johnson (Turbo Fire), Shaun T (Insanity) and Tony Horton (P90X). When Shaun came into the fray to motivate us eye-to-eye, he walked right by me and offered a phat high-five. We slapped hands and sweat flew everywhere.

Auditory: Mixing up your education with lectures on exercise science, nutrition, business, communication skills and obesity information was a good plan. As one presenter said, "Remember, you're here for your client's workout, not yours." A point well taken by the many who found themselves in classrooms struggling to understand how hormones affect weight or how the brain lights up with movement. Getting your sweat on is great, but the pages of notes taken should have outweighed the wet fitness gear in the backpack. Attendees could earn up to 22 CECs over the course of the week from the finest faculty of fitness presenters ever assembled.

It seemed fitting that Jay Blahnik closed the last time block of the last day of his last IDEA World Fitness Convention. It was the 16th session he helmed during the week--a mind-boggling amount of teaching. When I think of the hundreds of couses he must have taught over the span of 21 straight years as IDEA faculty and the galaxy of lives his leadership and kind spirit have touched, I am truly in awe.

To borrow from Blahnik's closing talk, most of us are pretty ordinary, but it's in our grasp to do the extraordinary. You are in a unique position to be an extraordinary change agent. You have the power to shape others and nudge them toward better quality of life daily. It's worthwhile to put some serious thought into how you might actually do that.

To live an extraordinary life, Jay suggests we need to "GET" three things and "BE" three things. He calls them the "Simple 6."

1. GET real. Reconcile your heart with your head.

2. GET busy. Time bends for no one. GET after it!

3. GET over it. Make amends and move on. Laught at yourself. Forgive.

4. BE yourself. You've got your own particular brand of magic; use it.

5. BE brave. Do something that scares you a little every day or you'll get stuck.

6. BE holistically generous. BE of service.

What will you do to make a difference today? How will you live in an extraordinary way? What is your plan to BE: The Inspiration?

Thanks to all of you for sharing the 2013 World experience with us. We appreciate you, and all of our fabulous exhibitors, faculty and assistants. For all you do to Inspire the World to Fitness, IDEA salutes you! See you next year!

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