What’s Hot in H2O?

by Amanda Vogel, MA on Jul 01, 2006

WHAT'S HOT IN H2O? Water fitness trendsetters share mainstream information about programming in the pool. By Amanda Vogel, MA If you want to stay on top of industry trends, take a closer look at water fitness. Although this type of exercise is nothing new, demand for it is far from washed up. The evolution of aquatics is leading to exciting new programming streams, many of which reflect other hot areas in the industry. Water fitness isn't just the wet version of land exercise. Aquatics offers its own training principles and unique benefits, such as easy-on-joints movement and access for all abilities. We polled water fitness professionals about today's hot trends and surprising markets, as well as prominent challenges that could influence the future of aquatic programming. Current Demand Demand for wet workouts is "strong and increasing," according to Carol Argo, an international aquatics presenter and instructor in Palos Verdes, California. Classes are generally busy, adds Sandra Starrett, author of an aquatic fitness manual and owner of Physical Expressions Training & Educational Resources in North Vancouver, British Columbia. She predicts, however, that an even greater interest in these workouts is on the horizon. "I see the demand continuing to increase as the population ages, because so many people can exercise in the water," she says. "[The demand] certainly hasn't peaked." July

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