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What is Your Vision for the Future?

Oct 04, 2006

Personal and professional transformation hinges on creating your own powerful vision for the future. Will you explore the depths of somatic awareness and how to integrate it into your practice? How will recent findings about the science of wellness affect you and your clients? The ultimate goal of the 2006 Inner IDEA® Conference is about awakening. “It’s like having a light turned on that changes how you relate to yourself, other people and the world,” says Marcia Hayes, the programming director for the Inner IDEA Conference. “The opportunity to explore new dimensions of ourselves doesn’t just enrich us, it makes us more effective as guides for others on the journey of wellness.”

Start your visionary journey at this year’s event by attending two general sessions that feature nine dynamic leaders who will present their own “Visions of the Future”:

  • Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP will present recent research and insights on “Mind and Body Linked at Last: The Science of Wellness,” highlighting the relationship between wellness and weight management, research into wellness and gender differences, and how fitness professionals can integrate the information into their programs.
  • Barbara Harris, MA, editorial director for SHAPE, Natural Health and Fit Pregnancy, will explore the various ways that spirit fits into the health and wellness equation, and discuss the role and traditions of pilgrimage in personal growth and wellness.
  • Debbie Rosas, co-creator and founder of the Nia technique, will present “Transformational Practices for Inspiring the Sacred Athlete Within: The Future of Fitness,” including a look at somatic art and tools for communicating integrative fitness.
  • Kathy Corey, the founder and director of West Coast Pilates National Certification Program, will discuss future trends in Pilates and how to best position these programs for continued growth and success.
  • Veronica Zador, vice president and chair of the standards committee for Yoga Alliance, will present The Future of Yoga: Trends and Therapies.
  • Jeff Bensky, PhD, MA, will discuss the next frontier for the health and wellness services: the experience economy.
  • Peter Reding, MBA, MCLC, MCC, will present a vision for the future of coaching, including accreditation and certification, trends, behavior change strategies and business success tactics.
  • Ronda Gates, MS, will look at how emerging nutrition research will reveal the effects that specific foods, vitamins and other supplements have on our health at all ages, and how nutrients can impact cell metabolism.
  • Lorna Francis, PhD, CLC, will discuss what it means to live in the present moment, and how to use mindful approaches in working with clients.

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