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What’s the secret to dropping weight and keeping it off? According to a study published in the April issue of the International Journal of Obesity (2008; [32], 700–707), an informational brochure can make the difference between failure and success.

Researchers worked with 104 overweight and obese adults, who were randomized into a “habit-based intervention condition (with two subgroups given weekly vs. monthly weighing) or a waiting-list control condition.” During the 8-week study, the habit-based groups were provided “a leaflet containing advice on habit formation” and information on nutrition and physical activity. After 8 weeks, members of both habit-based groups had lost an average of 4 pounds, whereas weight loss was insignificant among the control group. There was no statistical difference between the intervention subgroups.

At 32 weeks, authors retested participants remaining in the habit-based groups and discovered they had lost an average of more than 8 pounds. “This easily disseminable, low-cost, simple intervention produced clinically significant weight loss,” the authors concluded. “In limited resource settings, [a leaflet of this type] has potential as a tool for obesity management.”

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September 2008

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