A Weekend of Solutions

Mar 01, 2005

Learn new ways to train body and mind at IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago®.

Have you ever felt so engaged by a new concept that you couldn’t wait to share it with someone else? As if the mere act of expressing what you’d just learned would help it gel in your mind and, subsequently, enrich your work? If you want to experience 3 days of being in this mega knowledge zone, register today for IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago®. Not only will you bolster your brain, but you’ll meet other professionals who are just as eager as you are to Inspire the World to Fitness™.

Personal Training Prism

In addition to numerous well-rounded group fitness choices, this year’s programming reflects the many dimensions of personal training. Top presenters touch on all aspects: training skills, protocols, business, communication and more. On the business front, in “Community Relations for Personal Trainers” (session 127), Sherri McMillan, MSc, 1998 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, shares real-life examples of external marketing programs that have been proven to work. “These ideas are tested, practical ways to grow your business,” says McMillan. “Getting the word out doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.”

Knowing how to properly assess an individual is crucial, particularly when a special need is involved. For example, a lower-back injury can quickly sideline a client and create a program design challenge. Rodney Corn, MA, returns this year with insights into issues like this one, which he covers in “Post- rehabilitation Strategies: Low Back” (session 246). In his usual hands-on style he teaches precautions, postrehabilitative science and proper exercise selection.

In the ever-changing fitness climate, personal trainers are finding more ways to branch out and add services. Group instruction is one of these ways. Suzanne Nottingham, 2000 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, shows you how to break into teaching small groups or full-size classes in “From Personal Trainer to Group Activity Leader” (session 223). “You can take almost any existing training idea and make a template for a group fitness class,” says Nottingham. “The workshop also covers teaching techniques and communication skills.”

Yet another crossover offering, “Yoga Techniques for the Personal Trainer” (session 323), explains how yoga can improve both assessments and workouts. Presenter Lauren Eirk, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, understands firsthand how yoga elements can complement personal training sessions.

“There are many ways to blend the two to help make a client’s experience more complete,” says Eirk. “Yoga is a great tool to improve joint stabilization, balance, strength and flexibility.”

Mind-Body Highlights

IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago offers a diverse mix of mind-body workshops geared specifically to the fitness professional. Classes like “Pilates on the Ball” (session 105) and “Mind/Body/Ball” (session 184) also give tips on how to integrate existing equipment. Here’s a rundown of some of the other Pilates and yoga-specific sessions:

  • STOTT PILATES Core Balance
  • STOTT PILATES Essential Matwork
  • AAA Yoga: Analyze, Adjust, Align
  • Triad Self-Defense
  • Yoga for Active Seniors

Whether you attend IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago for education, convenience or camaraderie—or for all these reasons—it’s the perfect way to give yourself a personal and professional break. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in quality “you” time while learning from the finest resources in the industry.

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