Video: Make the Economy Work for You!

The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute (February 19-22) sold out early this year. But those of you who were not able to attend can still benefit from the excellent wisdom of three experienced personal trainers we captured on video during a featured panel discussion at the conference.


This special industry spotlight “How to Maximize Your Business in a Tough Economy,” featuring Peter Twist, MSc, Nicki Anderson and Diane Vives, MS, will be available to all visitors for the next 30 days. The practical content that emerged is so valuable we wanted to share it with all of you, albeit for a limited time.

Check out this fantastic content and join the online conversation by adding your thoughts to the comment stream below the video. This is a great way to support your community of personal training colleagues. Remember, we’re all experiencing the same types of challenges. Share your best practices with others and we’ll all come through this a little less bruised.

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March 2009

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