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Vacations: A Career Must-Have

by April Durrett on Jul 01, 2003

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Are you ignoring your own mental health by putting your all into your training business and never taking a break? Don’t put quality time on standby.

Although many Americans embrace the “work to live” philosophy in theory, a survey by reports that people were actually taking 10 percent less vacation time this year than they did 12 months ago. Additionally, 1 in 5 say they feel guilty taking a vacation from work, and 12 percent report taking no vacation time at all.

As a result of logging long hours at the workplace, 7 in 10 Americans don't feel they have a healthy balance between work and personal life. While it’s natural to want to work diligently so your business succeeds, make sure you plan one or more vacations into your year. Eighty-four percent of survey respondents reported feeling rested, rejuvenated, and reconnected with family and friends after a vacation.

Additionally, 80 percent reported having a more positive outlook about their jobs when they take sufficient time away from the work. You deserve these vacation benefits, too!

IDEA Personal Trainer, Volume 2004, Issue 7

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