Two New Additions to IDEA's Resource Series Library

This home study course outlines various considerations specific to training women through several life stages. The course reviews programming suggestions and current scientific information for working with a variety of women, including those who are pregnant, postnatal and menopausal. This course also discusses psychosocial issues that affect women, such as body image, eating disorders, weight management and size acceptance. Research-based information focuses on exercise as it relates to fat metabolism, breastfeeding and nutrition. Health concerns that are of particular importance to women, such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and breast cancer, are also addressed. Authors include industry experts Amanda Vogel, MA, Shirley Archer, JD, MA, Lisa Druxman, MA, and more.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Personal Training

Do you dream of starting your own business? Whether you are opening a gym or visiting client’s homes, your success depends on your management of financial planning, risk management, staff, marketing and sales. This home study course outlines a variety of start-up models for launching a successful personal training business, including developing a business vision, acquiring a facility space and purchasing exercise equipment. The course reviews financial planning and legal considerations, such as raising capital, hiring an accountant, budgeting for expenses, setting session rates, issuing liability waivers and managing potential risks. This course discusses when to hire your own staff, how much to pay employees, and strategies for finding and retaining competent and dedicated trainers. Suc-cessful marketing techniques and sales skills are also addressed.

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November 2004

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