Two Great Pilates Foot-Training Tools

by: Jillian Hessel

Small Equipment

Help clients restore and maintain toe, foot and ankle mobility with two small, ingenious devices designed by Joseph Pilates.

Joseph Pilates designed two spring-loaded tools for strengthening and maintaining mobility in the ankles, feet and toes. His foot corrector and toe tensometer may not be the best-known Pilates devices, but today’s rapidly evolving exercise industry offers many solid reasons to give these clever tools a second look.

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IDEA Pilates Today, Volume 5, Issue 3

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About the Author

Jillian Hessel

Jillian Hessel IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a retired ballet dancer. My passion is health & fitness, and helping people get into the best shape of their lives! Pilates saved me from terrible back pain when I was a professional dancer, and I have been teaching for over 30 years. I also love skiing, swimming, hiking and yoga. I have written a book, Pilates Basics, and I also have instructional DVD's for both Pilates enthusiasts, and Pilates teachers.