Tips for Organizing Receipts

May 01, 2002

  1. Establish a routine. When you get a receipt that can be deducted, immediately file it in a place (organizer, wallet, checkbook) where you can retrieve it later and put it into the appropriate file.
  2. Make sure you can read it. When you get the receipt, be certain all the information printed clearly. If not, fill in the missing information (date, amount, location, purpose).
  3. If you you have to fold it, fold it printed side up. This will make it easy to find later.
  4. Don't get behind on data entry. If you do it yourself, block out time each week to enter data and stick to the schedule. If a bookkeeper does the data entry, drop off receipts weekly or monthly, depending on volume.

IDEA Fitness Manager, Volume 14, Issue 3

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