Those Affected by Obesity Walk on the Capitol

On June 17, a first-ever obesity-related walk will take place in Washington, DC. According to a press release, “Walk from Obesity—Walk on the Capitol” is an effort to bring national attention to the obesity epidemic in hopes that the government—and the country as a whole—will take greater strides to combat it.

“The Walk on the Capitol is intended to send a powerful message to our elected officials regarding the importance of addressing the obesity epidemic,” stated Joseph Nadglowski Jr., president and chief executive officer of the Obesity Action Coalition.

Anyone affected by obesity is encouraged to join Nadglowski and others at the National Mall at 6:30 pm. “I am especially excited that we will have an opportunity to make a serious impact nationwide by assembling thousands of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, such as patients, family members, healthcare professionals and many others,” said Nadglowski. For more information on this event, visit

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