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The Future of Food

by Diane Lofshult on May 01, 2002

Industry Watch

Curious as to what you will be serving in the year to come? According to a recent report in the San Diego Union-Tribune, nutrition experts are forecasting that the following food trends will make their way to your table sometime soon:

  • More down-home restaurant options will replace upscale choices as chefs struggle to keep afloat in a downward economy.
  • Foods high in antioxidants will continue to be scientifically proven to have health benefits.
  • More and more people will pay extra for food that is certified “organic.”
  • Home cooks will seek out prepackaged comfort foods that can be quickly prepared in a single casserole, precluding the need for time-consuming side dishes.
  • Designer waters will now boast vitamin additives and electrolyte enhancers.
  • Despite a decrease in restaurant sales and an increase in waistlines, the popularity of pricey desserts will continue to rise.
  • Food safety will continue to be an important consumer issue, especially with the events of September 11 highlighting the danger of biochemical terrorism to the food supply.
  • Customers will have the option to self-scan their groceries in supermarkets and food markets in response to increasing time constraints.
  • Foods that are “handmade” will command a higher price as consumers begin to appreciate quality over quantity.
  • Cookbooks will continue to offer more than mere recipes, and whole sections will be devoted to tips, supplier lists, menu planning and wine suggestions.
  • Exotic greens, such as mustard greens and bok choy, will find their place alongside iceberg lettuce in produce sections as consumers get more savvy about food choices.

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