IDEA's Editors Want to Hear From You

Apr 23, 2009

  • Personal trainers: What types of profit centers does your business have, other than traditional one-on-one training? We're curious to know what helps you make money and why it's been successful for you. Please e-mail IDEA contributing editor April Durrett at
  • Do you train kids and teens? What are your biggest challenges working with this population? Please share your perspective with editor in chief Sandy Todd Webster at
  • What questions about stretching do your clients ask you most often? What information on this topic can IDEA provide that would help you field such questions more confidently? Please respond to editor in chief Sandy Todd Webster at
  • Calling all trainers: Looking for case studies. Do you have a client who has overcome the odds to achieve new heights in health and fitness? Have you developed a unique program to help a client create success? We want to hear from you. Send your story to, and you and your client may be featured in an upcoming issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.



IDEA Fit Tips, Volume 7, Issue 5

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