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Apr 25, 2013

Event Preview

Pilates practitioners get a taste of integrative wellness at the IDEA World Fitness Convention™.

In addition to all 40 top-of-the-line Pilates sessions, which will cover the latest in programming, equipment, special populations and management success, you can now experience the best of Inner IDEA®, the world’s premier educational event for integrative wellness and mind-body-spirit transformation, at the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention™.

Use the following preview to preplan your on-site education this year.

Journey to the Beginner’s Mind
In this session, Lauren Eirk talks about how to cultivate a beginner’s mind, which is critical to developing effective teaching techniques. Learn why progression stops when the overall integrity of a pose is not experienced. Seven different fundamental yoga asanas will be explored, each chosen for its complexity, joint positions and importance.

Integrated Energy Medicine
Join Steve Jack and explore different mind-body-energy methodologies that tap into the human energy field to create health and healing with your clients, as well as ancient healing arts and technologies that Western medicine is only beginning to understand. Learn about somatic anatomy to see the big picture of what compromises human health, and take home tools to uplift your clients.

Holistic Fusion: Movement as Meditation
If you’re curious about holistic fusion, Skip Jennings will explain this blend of mind-body formats, including qigong, Pilates, yoga and meditation. This workshop is designed to create a full physical, mental and spiritual experience. Learn the differences and similarities between these formats, and gain a powerful self-awareness through meditative movement.

Healthy Aging Survival Kit
Terry Eckmann, PhD, will talk about how to embrace the many demands of a fitness professional with a perspective that will enhance your professional and personal life. Survive ups and downs with tools and strategies that make a positive difference in your life’s journey.

Meditation for Physical Mastery
In this session, Marla Ericksen talks about “the power of presence” and abiding mindfulness and how it enhances the wisdom that can be accessed through our bodies. Explore and experience simple techniques that can help your clients enter “the zone” or a “peak state of consciousness” in every workout, athletic pursuit or casual physical activity.

Chakra Nutrition
Teri Mosey, PhD, explains why the way we approach food and eating is to some degree a representation of how we approach life. Foods have specific energy vibrations that interact with our entire being and are personified by our energy centers, or chakras. Learn how food characteristics impact our chakras; interpret the true meaning behind food cravings; and discover how to use food to harmonize your mind, body and soul.

Creating Your Career Map as a Mind-Body Professional
In this session, Elizabeth Larkam highlights the bright future for mind-body movement professionals. Design your optimal career map in this interactive forum. Experience movement, journaling, affirmations and active listening to refine your vision and make a plan for your lifelong professional development. Choose your path for education and continuing education, envision a supportive work environment and community of colleagues, and integrate technology to enhance client experiences.

Tai Chi: The Oldest Wellness Coaching Model
David-Dorian Ross will outline the ancient tai chi masters’ beliefs that life works better when you are in balance. Tai chi philosophy says that when you are in balance you can discover that deep down inside you are actually a perfect being. It’s only when we fall out of harmony that we feel flawed, imperfect or broken.

Sight and Insight: Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement®
Moshe Feldenkrais created hundreds of Awareness Through Movement lessons that facilitate learning in motion and bring about a state of graceful action, delightful discoveries and unexpected surprises. Experience a lesson with Elizabeth Larkam that focuses on sight and visualization, refining the ability to form mental images in your mind’s eye.

Breathe Life Into Your Poses
Kelly McGonigal, PhD, will discuss how the “outer alignment” of a yoga pose is like the giftwrap on a present. It may be beautiful, but the real treasure is inside. Learn how to practice poses from the inside out, using sensation and the breath to draw you deeper into the inner experience of your yoga practice. Experience each pose as the movement of breath in your body, and let the breath guide each movement between poses.

The Three R’s of Pilates: Read, Realign and Restore Healthy Movement
In this session, Kathryn Coyle and Zoey Trap, MSc, will teach you how to guide clients to healthier movement by learning to identify substitution patterns, inhibition, gripping, improper initiation and alignment issues. Learn strategies to restore alignment and improve ease of movement and efficiency.

Showcase Sanctuary: A Final IDEA World Experience
Relax and restore your body as your mind reflects on all you have accomplished at IDEA World. The Showcase Room will become a spa sanctuary filled with aromatherapy, dimmed lighting and relaxing music.

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