The 2004 IDEA Personal Trainer Summit

Sep 01, 2004

Inspiring the World to Fitness, One by One

The world needs personal trainers —your expertise, caring and dedication—more than ever. The United States, if not the world, is at a crucial juncture. Many people are less fit and more overweight than ever before. In fact, new research from the U.S. Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that deaths due to poor diet and physical inactivity rose 33 percent over the past decade. Researchers are even concerned that these factors may overtake tobacco as the leading preventable cause of death. You know you can make a difference, and you also know you need to stay up-to-date in your skills and knowledge to be optimally effective. That’s where the IDEA Personal Trainer Summit comes in. Join us in New York City October 7–10, 2004, and experience the best in personal training education. You’ll discover how to increase your income, gain access to new career opportunities and earn valuable continuing education credits (CECs).

A Rich Diversity of Programming

Trainers around the globe agree that year after year the Summit provides the best education for personal trainers anywhere. If you’re a new trainer, this event helps you build a solid foundation on which to grow your business. If you’re an intermediate or advanced trainer, the in-depth and cutting-edge information expands your skill sets and furthers your career.

Our visionary programming provides practical solutions in the following areas:

  • training techniques

  • pre- and postrehabilitation

  • program design

  • mind-body, including yoga and Pilates

  • exercise science

  • nutrition

  • business/career

  • lifestyle coaching/behavior

My Guru Can Beat Up Your Guru

Looking for a general session to re-inspire you and shake up old beliefs? Come and see Tom Purvis, RPT, a dynamic speaker who always challenges fitness professionals to think for themselves. In “My Guru Can Beat Up Your Guru,” Purvis makes a light-hearted, insightful and motivating examination of trainers’ attitudes toward learning. He passionately explores the need to examine different schools of thought in the training industry and not just to jump on the bandwagon of one “guru” to the exclusion of others.

Unique Programming

Make sure you catch these innovative sessions.

Club Without Walls. Presented by Propel® Fitness Water, three special workshops use the unique environment of Central Park to help you learn to train clients outdoors:

  • The Ultimate Run—with Lenita Anthony, MA

  • Adventure Racing: New Ways to Challenge Your Clients—with Lenita Anthony, MA, and Robert Sherman

Pre- and Postnatal Programming. Two sessions focus on working with pregnant and postpartum women:

  • 9 Months in Training, and Postpartum Exercise: The Over-40 Mom—both with Lenita Anthony, MA

Inspire the World to Fitness. These workshops are all about helping special populations get active:

  • Addressing the National Blueprint: A Tool Kit to Increase Physical Activity Among Adults 50 and Older—with Michael Rogers, PhD, FACSM

  • Generation X vs. Boomers: Comparing Program Design Strategies—with Rodney Corn, MA

  • Size Sensitivity Training: Understanding and Working With the Significantly Overweight Client—with Rochelle Rice, MA

Solutions and Case Studies. The following sessions are specifically designed to help you work with your most challenging clients:

  • Practical Assessments and Solutions—with Lenny Parracino

  • Case Studies for Helping Clients With Shoulder and Neck Pain—with Catherine Fiscella, MSPT

  • A Step-by-Step Approach to Training Clients With Neuro-muscular Disorders—with Taylor-Kevin Isaacs, MS, FACSM

  • Do You Knee’d a Solution?—with Trish Muse, MPT

  • Cardiovascular Training Recipes for Your Client: The Science Behind the Workouts—with Douglas Brooks, MS

Preconference Offerings

Come early to explore New York City and take preconference sessions on Thursday, October 7. They are dedicated to teaching you volumes of practical information at one time.

Sport Strength—The Linked System with Peter Twist, MSc (all-day precon). Discover a style of training that links the body together as one integrated unit, improves mind-muscle compliance and movement abilities, and produces impressive strength gains. This new sport paradigm is tremendously useful for serious and aspiring athletes, youths, adults and injured people.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) for the Upper Body with Greg Roskopf, MA (full-day precon). In this advanced, hands-on course, learn how to evaluate and correct muscular imbalances that contribute to chronic pain or injury in the upper body. Discover how to systematically approach clients’ pain, effectively evaluate range of motion and conduct isolated muscle strength testing.

Advanced Biomechanics Lab: CSI (Case Study Investigations) with Tom Purvis, RPT (full-day precon). Learn through both challenge and fun in this advanced-level workshop, sponsored by the Nautilus® Health & Fitness Group. You and your team of biomechanics examiners will receive a client case study for which you will create specific exercises using a Bowflex, a stability ball and other traditional exercise equipment.

Functional Fitness for Golf and Racquet Sports With STOTT PILATES™ Reformer with John Garey, MA (half-day precon). Break down the movements used in golf and racquet sports and learn a series of relevant exercises that can be performed on the STOTT PILATES reformer. Experience the unique benefits of working with the reformer to enhance core stability, body awareness and general conditioning.

Functional Fitness for Golf and Racquet Sports With STOTT PILATES™ Matwork™ with John Garey, MA (half-day precon). Gain a better understanding of the conditioning requirements associated with golf, tennis, squash and other racquet sports. Learn exercises that incorporate the use of small equipment like a mat, a Fitness Circle® resistance ring, a Flex-Band exerciser and small, weighted hand-grip balls.

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