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by Mary Monroe on Nov 09, 2012

Event Preview

Boost your staff’s potential with state-of-the-art education at IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ East.

Are you looking for a way to inspire and energize your staff and members? You and your team will find new, motivating ideas and a revitalized sense of purpose, along with the latest training trends, research, equipment, techniques and programs, at 2013 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East in Alexandria, Virginia, February 28–March 3.

Nearly a third of the attendees at the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute are fitness owners, managers and program directors who want to know what’s ahead in personal training and how they can offer members the most up-to-date training programs on the market today. Attending the conference gives you a great chance to network with top owners, managers and directors in the business and to trade experiences and solutions with other professionals who are facing the same challenges as you are. When you bring your trainers with you (discount available), your business benefits from their expanded knowledge base and diverse skill training.

The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute is the leading professional-development conference exclusively for personal trainers, and it delivers the broadest, most innovative education curriculum in training today. (The event has sold out 4 years in a row, so early registration is recommended.) Unlike other events, the Personal Trainer Institute offers small session sizes that allow for a personalized educational experience, as well as extended session lengths of 2–3 hours, so attendees can study a topic in depth. In addition, the IDEA Store and Sponsor Marketplace provide terrific shopping and networking opportunities where you can meet with industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and products for your business.

This year’s conference is bigger than ever, offering 116 sessions and four all-day preconference workshops presented by more than 50 industry leaders, with more than 20 CECs available throughout the event. In particular, the program offers more session choices in these top-trending training areas: 27% more programming in Business Development; 35% more programming in Specific-Population Training; 50% more programming in Nutrition and Weight Management; and 60% more programming in Positive Well-Being.

The 2013 event focuses on innovative professional education that goes beyond traditional fitness education. For example, you and your staff will be able to explore new ways to incorporate nutrition training and positive psychology into your programs to improve client outcomes and help create loyal customers. Session topics include the most effective new strategies for social media, marketing and management; and how to communicate with and inspire clients so as to improve their results and drive business and income growth.

On Thursday, for an additional fee, four preconference workshops will give you and your staff advanced knowledge in specialized training areas that will expand your market reach:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Youth Exercise Specialist Workshop with Eric Beard, MS, and Fabio Comana, MA, MS
  • American Council on Exercise: Movement-Based Training with Pete McCall, MS
  • Gray Institute: Foundations of Movement Training with Doug Gray and Pat McCloskey, MS
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Women’s Fitness Specialist Workshop with Eric Beard, MS, and Fabio Comana, MA, MS

Thursday night will feature an industry-issues panel, “What’s Ahead in Personal Training?” During the session, leading presenters—Len Kravitz, PhD, as moderator; Mitch Batkin, MA; Fabio Comana, MA, MS; Rodney Corn, MA; Hayley Hollander; and Pete McCall, MS—will weigh in on the future of training.

The theme of the conference is “Training With a Purpose,” and Comana notes that ongoing education is critical for those who want to differentiate their training programs from others in the marketplace. “Training with a purpose is not about what you offer; it’s about being relevant to the people you serve.”

IDEA Fitness Manager , Volume 25, Issue 1

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