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Succeed With “Secret” Law of Attraction

Mar 22, 2010

If you have a computer, television or radio, you have probably heard of the book phenomenon The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Essentially, this book tells readers that if they believe in something and really focus on it, they can acquire it—be it money, fame, success or anything else. Although the idea is alluring, wishing alone probably won’t do the trick. Wanting something enough to achieve it requires effort and a little something called “It.”

I believe there is a correlation between having "it" and being successful. I also believe that much of your success and happiness is rooted in a positive sense of self and your ability to develop positive interactions and relationships with others. In other words, the more positively people respond to you, the easier it may be for you to attain success. So, what is “it”?

In essence, "it" is an important piece in the law of attraction and ultimate success. Those who have “it” are frequently optimistic and consistently seek out the positive in self and life. They typically attract people who connect with their dominant thoughts.

When I travel for business conferences, I enjoy attending lectures. Invariably, some speakers are memorable, while others are not. It’s the same with my fellow conference attendees. The speakers and attendees who are memorable most likely have “it,” because they are easy to recall and recognize. It might be their smile, their passion, their positive attitude or their genuine personality. In my opinion, having “it” includes a proportionate measure of each.

Conversely, you may know people for whom success is consistently elusive. I think of them as “viewers,” not “doers.” They may believe they want to achieve their goals, but they simply don’t take the necessary steps, often blaming others for their failure. This type of attitude results in missed opportunities, and these folks are left with a sense of longing. In addition, they are the “negative” thinkers, and as they think, they attract.

With the popularity of The Secret, the “law of attraction” principle has never been more popular. My hunch is that you are willing and able to take the steps necessary to attract the success you desire. Perhaps you simply need a little guidance and a chance to evaluate how you live your life.

Attraction and Success

You inspire your clients every day! “I believe in you!” and “I know you can do it” are comments you frequently use to encourage and motivate them to believe in the possibilities of a healthy life. Yet when it comes to your own motivation, this same attitude may be lacking. Developing “it” depends on believing you can attract those who have “it”--while learning from them--and ultimately becoming the person who leads and inspires others.

When you think about attracting those you wish to associate with, you become a magnet. Everything you think about is fueled by emotions, or “vibes.” Ultimately, you attract into your life people, ideas, opportunities, resources, circumstances and anything else that is consistent with your “vibe,” or your dominant frame of mind.

How Others See You

When you’re at a conference or at work, how do you suppose people perceive you? Are you the one who stands out and whom everyone wants to know and be around? Or do you find that the positive people aren’t necessarily drawn to you? What is your “vibe?” Do you attract people and opportunities, or do you detract from them?

How you respond to people, how you handle tough situations at work tells people so much about you. If you handle crises at work with a calm, optimistic demeanor, people will find that admirable and work to do the same. How you interact with staff and members plays a huge role in the “law of attraction” and ultimately in attracting and retaining great staff and members.

Become the Person You Want to Be

When I present business lectures, it’s fascinating to watch the excitement of attendees as they anticipate applying their new knowledge once they return to work. The truth is that some will actually do it and do it well, while others won’t. I tell my clients all the time, “You have to want change in order to make change.” Some are ready to take the steps necessary to make changes in their life, while others are waiting for the right moment, which may never happen. What are you going to do?

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